Person:Michael Williamson (1)

  • F.  Lawrence Williamson (add)
  1. Michael Williamson1604 - bef 1648
  2. Paul Williamson1609 - bef 1649/50
  • HMichael Williamson1604 - bef 1648
  • WAnn Pankhurstabt 1619 - 1675
m. by abt 1637
  1. Hannah? Williams1636 - 1698
  2. John Williamsest 1638 -
Facts and Events
Name Michael Williamson
Alt Name Moyels Williams
Gender Male
Christening[1] 2 Dec 1604 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England
Marriage by abt 1637 to Ann Pankhurst
Death[1] bef 1648 Hempstead, Nassau, New York, United States
Alt Death[2] Dec 1664 Hempstead, Nassau, New York, United StatesCitation needed


In his will of 15 December 1623, “Lawrence Williamson of Sharnebrooke in the County of Bedford, blacksmith,” included a bequest to “Lawrence Williamson, Michaell Williamson, Paull Williamson, John Williamson and Thomas Williamson my sons,” demonstrating that Michael and Paul were still alive in their late teens. Note that Lawrence Williamson called himself a blacksmith, while Michael claimed the related profession of locksmith. Also, GEORGE GIDDINGS {1635, Ipswich}, master of Michael Williamson in 1635, was baptized at Clapham, Bedfordshire, just a few miles to the southeasst of Sharnbrook [GM 2:3:52-56].

Life in New England

Michael was in Ipswich by 1635, when land grants list his land in the boundaries of others' grants.

“Moyles Williams” was one of the original proprietors of Hempstead; his proprietary share totalled 344 acres. [3]

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    ORIGIN: Sharnbrook, Bedford.
    MIGRATION: 1635 on the Planter (on 2 April 1635, “Michell Will[ia]mson,” aged 30, one of three “servants to Geo[rge] Giddins,” was enrolled as a passenger for New England on the Planter [Hotten 46]).
    BIRTH: Baptized Sharnbrook, Bedford, 2 December 1604, son of Lawrence Williamson (aged 30 on 2 April 1635 [Hotten 46]).
    DEATH: By 1648. See also sketch of Ann Pankhurst: her first child with second husband Henry Pearsall was born about 1648.

  2. Date also given for John Williams (previously incorrectly linked as father).
  3. Great Migration, citing Hempstead TR 8:324; The Nassau County Historical Society Journal 29:24-37
The Planter (1635)
Part of the Great Migration. This was the Planter's second voyage to New England under Nicholas Trerise.
Sailed: April 1635 from London, England under Mr. Nicol. Trarice (Nicholas Trerise)
Arrived: 7 Jun 1635 at Boston, Massachusetts.

Passengers: Francis Bushnell family - Nicholas Davis (servants James Hayward, Judith Phippen) - William Fellows - George & Jane Giddings (servant Thomas Carter, Michael Williamson)- Richard Haffield family - Job Hawkins - Francis Newcomb family - Thomas Olney family - Francis Peabody - Thomas Savage - Thomas Stansley - John Tuttle family (servant Nathan Haford) - Richard Tuttell family & mother Isabel - Willm. Tuttell family - Wm Wilcockson family - (among others)
Resources: Primary Sources: Passenger list from Totten Founders of New England, NEHGR 14:302