Person:Mary Tibbetts (3)

m. bef 1655
  1. Jeremiah Tibbetts1656 - bef 1743
  2. Mary Tibbetts1658 -
  3. Captain Thomas Tibbetts1659 - bet 1748
  4. Hannah Tibbetts1661 - bef 1727
  5. Joseph Tibbetts1663 - bef 1745/46
  6. Deacon Samuel Tibbetts1666 - 1738
  7. Benjamin Tibbettsest 1668 - 1713
  8. Ephraim Tibbettsest 1669 - aft 1729
  9. Martha Tibbettsest 1670 - aft 1677
  10. Elizabeth Tibbettsest 1672 - aft 1732
  11. Nathaniel Tibbettsest 1673/74 - aft 1705
  12. Henry Tibbettsest 1675/76 - bet 1727
m. bef 1675
  • HThomas Ashbef 1659 - bet 1717/18
  • WMary Tibbetts1658 -
m. bef 1700
Facts and Events
Name Mary Tibbetts
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 15 Apr 1658 Dover Neck, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States
Marriage bef 1675 to Ichabod Rollins
Marriage bef 1700 to Thomas Ash

Conflicting Scenarios for the Life of Mary Tibbetts

There are two significantly different accounts in print of the life of Mary3 Tibbetts. John R. Rollins, in his 1874 Records of Families of the Name Rawlins or Rollins …, pp. 4-5, says that she married Ichabod2 (James1) Rawlins, had one child (Jeremiah3) and died before the age of 30; further, that Ichabod married one Elizabeth ----- and had a daughter, Hannah3, born 16 July 1706, and that he was killed by Indians, 22 May 1707. The 1944-46 Tibbetts Genealogy, by May Tibbetts Jarvis, printed in the New England Register essentially follows Rollins although she cites Scales' History of Dover, which citations do not seem to line up with the Rollins/Jarvis narrative. On the other hand, Noyes, Libby and Davis (GDMNH), p. 595, in their sketch of Ichabod2, agree up to the point of the marriage with Ichabod, but then have her marrying a second husband, before 1700, Thomas Ash. According to this account, Ichabod and Mary had at least three children, Ichabod, James and Jeremiah and possibly a daughter Elizabeth. The 1706 Hannah mentioned above, in this account, is daughter of the second Ichabod (and his wife Mary, probably daughter of Nathaniel Perkins) and granddaughter of Ichabod and Mary (Tibbetts) Rawlins/Rollins, and it is that second Ichabod who was killed by Indians in 1707. Robert Charles Anderson, in his sketch of James Rawlins, The Great Migration Begins, pp. 1552-55, observes that, "In 1874, John R. Rollins published a genealogy which presented a list of children for James Rawlins quite different fronm that compiled by Noyes, Libby and Davis [Records of Families of the Name Rawlins or Rollins in the United States (Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1874, p. 4]. Some of these children are actually of the third generation and not the second." Given the relative reputations of the genealogists involved, it would appear that the Noyes, Libby and Davis scenario is to be preferred to that of Rollins and Jarvis.

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    Mary, b. 15 Apr. 1658: d. before 1688, aged less than 30 years; m. about 1674 Ichabod Rawlins of Dover (Bloody Point, now Newington), carpenter, killed by the Indians 8 July 1707 (Scales' " History of Dover", pp. 210, 233. 235, 386). eldest son of James1 and Hannah Rawlins. Ichabod Rawlins m. (2) -----.

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