Person:Mary Cochran (10)

Mary Cochran
b.1755 Virginia
Duplicate parents - compare
  1. Mary Cochran1755 - Aft 1819
Duplicate parents - compare
m. Bef 1747
  1. Sen. William Cochran1747 - 1819
  2. Mary Cochran1755 - Aft 1819
  3. Samuel Cochran, Sr.1760 - 1842
  • HHenry WillisEst 1740 -
  • WMary Cochran1755 - Aft 1819
m. Abt 1773
  1. John Willis
  2. Daniel Willis
  3. George Willis
  4. Nancy Willis - Aft 1840
  5. Elizabeth Willis1780 - 1842
  6. Lewis Willis1782 - Aft 1850
  7. Levina Willis1786 - 1877
  8. Margaret "Peggy" Willis1788 - Aft 1860
  9. Henry Willis1793 - 1873
  10. Mary "Polly" Willis1795 - Aft 1820
  11. Samuel Willis1800 - 1879
  12. Martha "Patsy" Willis1805 - Aft 1820
Facts and Events
Name Mary Cochran
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1755 Virginia
Marriage Abt 1773 Washington, Virginia, United Statesto Henry Willis
Unknown? Equity Suit Snider vs WillisPulaski Co., KY
Death[1] Aft 16 Oct 1819 Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky

Disputed Parentage

Some researchers believe that Mary was the daughter of Peter Cochran of Botetourt County, others have her as the sister of Samuel Cochran and daughter of William Cochran of Henry County. Additional research needed.

  1. 1.0 1.1 Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable primary source).

Parents are William and Margaret Cochran, son of Peter and Margaret Cochran. William Cochran died before 7 Sept 1773 in Fincastle Co VA. See "Annals of Southwest Virginia" by Lewis Preston Summers. Mary Cochran is a sister to Samuel Cochran married Susannah Unknown, not Sarah Norcutt. Samuel Cochran is in Washington Co, VA, Greene Co, TN and Pulaski Co., KY with the Henry and Mary Cochran Willis Family. Samuel & Sarah Norcutt's daughter Nancy married Frederick Olyer, not Ayres Doss.

William & Margaret Cochran - "Annals of Southwest Virginia" by Lewis Preston Summers

                                                                                                     7 Sept 1773

Page 612: "On the motion of James Jarvis(Gervis) administration is granted him on the Estate of William Cochran Decd." Page 613: "George Adams, Jister Cox, and James Anderson being first sworn are appointed to appraise the Estate of William Cochran Decd. and make return there of according to Law."

                                                                                                     9 Sept 1773

Page 618: "An Inventory & appraisement of the Estate of William Cochran Deceased returned & ordered to be recorded."

                                                                                                     3 May 1774 

Page 623: " An Inventory appraisement of the estate of William Cochran Deceased being returned into Court is ordered to be Recorded."