Person:Mary Bortner (2)

Mary Jane Bortner
m. 21 Apr 1846
  1. Ruben G Bortner1847 - 1912
  2. Nathaniel Bortner1848 - 1857
  3. Saranda Bortner1850 - 1851
  4. Martin C Bortner1853 - 1937
  5. Edwin C Bortner1855 - 1929
  6. Mary Jane Bortner1857 - 1942
  7. Catharine Ann Bortner1859 - 1942
  8. Belinda Bortner1860 - 1951
  9. Deana (Diana) Isabel Bortner1862 - 1954
  10. Chester (Jester) Bortner1864 - 1865
  11. Louisa Menases Bortner1868 - 1870
  • HJohn M Hale1856 - 1941
  • WMary Jane Bortner1857 - 1942
m. 4 Jul 1880
  1. Edward Curwin Hale1880 - 1958
  2. Minnie May Hale1883 - 1978
  3. Claude Irvin Hale1885 - 1925
  4. Chauncey Clarence Hale1886 - 1889
  5. Mable Irene Hale1889 - 1973
  6. Lillian Belle Hale1896 - 1964
  7. Paul Earl Hale1899 - 1961
Facts and Events
Name Mary Jane Bortner
Gender Female
Birth? 19 Jun 1857 Seven Valleys, York, Pennsylvania
Christening? 22 Aug 1857 St. Jacob's (Stone) Church Cemetery in Codorus Twp., York, Pennsylvania
Marriage 4 Jul 1880 St. Matthew's Lu, Hanover, York, Pennsylvaniato John M Hale
Other Notes
with John M Hale
Death? 16 Feb 1942 Cornwall, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Burial? 19 Feb 1942 Cornwall Cemetery in Cornwall, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Other? Notes

!BIR-MAR-DEATH: George Bortner of Codorus Twp., York Co., PA and His Descendants; by Charles H. Glatfelter; 1949; pp. 122-123 Mary Jane Bortner Hale Family Bible; copy in possession of Robert E. Givens, Clovis, CA. Personal Knowledge of Jennie Elizabeth Givens; Clovis, CA. ANCESTRAL FILE: This individual is the same as the one with AFN 3548-RW. BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: The following was recorded by me in an interview with my mother, Jennie Elizabeth Hale Givens around 1970: Mary Jane Bortner Hale was 4' 10" tall about 5' around - she was fat. She had dark brown hair - which never got grey. She had a terrific sense of humor. She loved baseball and had a wireless set (radio). She hogged the headset during the World Series every year so no one else could listen. She was very sentimental and was very sorrowful after her son, Claude Irvin Hale (my grandfather), died she was very sad. She never went outside without a bonnet on. He was also a great cook - as were all the men in the Hale family. Breakfast could include: bacon and eggs, pork chops, steak, potatoes and gravy, pie, cake, sugar and molasses cookies. The parlor was always kept closed except for Jennie - she was the only grandchild allowed to play in it as she could go in and play the piano and look through the stereopticon and look at all the pictures in 3-D She had these other remembrances: They had a black and white dog named Mike. She would bathe in the laundry tub in the back of the house. They had to pump water by hand until they got plumbing and electricity later on. She always felt Cornwall, PA (where Mary Jane lived) was her home away from home. Christmas was beautiful there with lots of snow. She loved to pick the wild strawberries and raspberries with the next door neighbor, Johnny Peters. Mary Jane's sister Sarah always came at Christmas and made her and the rest of the grandkids eat nuts with salt to help them digest the food better.