Person:Martha Brown (66)

Martha Brown
  • F.  Brown (add)
  1. Martha Brown1638 - Bef 1696
  2. Mary BrowneAbt 1638 - 1700
m. Est 1655
  1. Thomas Shippey, Jr.Est 1656 to 1660 - 1688
  2. Elizabeth ShippeyEst 1658 to 1668 -
  3. Martha Shippey1659 - 1721
  4. Frances ShippeyEst 1662 to 1672 -
m. Abt 1687
Facts and Events
Name Martha Brown
Married Name Martha Shippey
Married Name Martha Stratton
Gender Female
Birth? 1638 Varina, Henrico, Virginia
Marriage Est 1655 to Thomas Shippey, Sr,
Marriage Abt 1687 prob. Henrico County, Virginiato Edward Stratton, Sr.
Death? Bef 1 Apr 1696 Bermuda Hundred, Henrico, Virginia

Will of Martha Stratton

p. 622, Will of MARTHA STRATTON, widow
To my kinsman Edward Skerme and his sister, each of them a yone (?) and one to Johns Worsham, Jr.
To my son in law Edward Stratton, my long gunn, and to his wife my dark shiff gown and pediciat and to each of his children a cow calf.
To my sister Platt, clothing, and to her daughter Lygon, two best barrows.
To Thomas Griffis, if he is willing to stay the time he is bound to me for, with my daughter Elizabeth, a feather bed and items.
My negro man to my daughter Frances.
To my daughter Elizabeth, during her widowhood, 400 lbs and three barrels of Indian corn yearly, and also I give her my servant girls.
To my grandaughter Frances Shippy, a gold ring.
The rest to be divided between daughters Elizabeth and Frances, and if one die, the survivor to have 1/3, daughter Martha Stratton's children to have 1/3, and other 1/3 to herself.
Daughter Frances is to live with my sister Platt until she is married, and if my sister should die, she is to live with my coz. Mary Ligon.
My sister Platt to be sole executrix.
Dated 24 July 1692.
Wit: Martin Elam, Frances Elam, John Worsham.
Probated 1 April 1696.
[Source: HENRICO CO., VA - STRATTON COLONIAL WILLS INDEX -1654-1737, pgl. 41].