Person:Margaret Lauderdale (1)

Margaret Lauderdale
m. Bef 1730
  1. Margaret Lauderdale1733 -
  2. William LauderdaleAbt 1742 -
  3. John Lauderdale1742/43 -
  4. James LauderdaleAbt 1748 - 1811
  5. Elizabeth LauderdaleAbt 1753 -
  6. Jane LauderdaleAbt 1756 -
  7. Mary LauderdaleAbt 1762 -
  8. Anna LauderdaleAbt 1764 - 1836
m. 11 Oct 1758
  1. Peter Looney1759 - 1851
m. Jun 1763
  1. Capt. James McCain, Jr.1766 - 1857
Facts and Events
Name Margaret Lauderdale
Gender Female
Birth? 1733
Alt Birth? 1738
Marriage 11 Oct 1758 Augusta County, Virginia[Area later became Botetourt County in 1769]
to Peter Looney
Alt Marriage 11 Oct 1759 Augusta County, Virginiato Peter Looney
Marriage Jun 1763 to James McCain, Sr.

Information on Margaret Lauderdale

According to her father's will proved 22 Sep 1796, Margaret was the "oldest daughter". Her most probable birth year would be 1738.[1]

11 Oct 1759: Margaret married Peter Looney in Botetourt County, VA.[2] Peter was the son of Robert and Elizabeth Looney, who were originally from the Isle of Man. Peter was captured by Indians while serving as a Sergeant in Capt. Smith's Company during the French and Indian (Seven Year's] War. Wounded in the shoulder, he was held for, depending on the account, one or two years, before escaping from Fort Niagara with another prisoner. Upon his return to Virginia, the House of Burgesses awarded him £46.16 plus 200 acres as reimbursement for his courage, hardship, and the loss of "a horse, saddle, bridle, rifle, and wearing apparel".

17 Apr 1760: Peter died, perhaps from the results of his imprisonment. Margaret gave birth to Peter Looney Junior the following autumn.

1760: An unspecified tract of land went to "Margaret McCain" and Peter Looney Junior in Augusta County, VA. This may have been the 200 acres granted Peter by the House of Burgesses.

18 Nov 1760: Margaret Looney posted her bond as administratrix of Peter Looney's estate in Augusta County, VA. Her co-administrators were "James Litherdale" and John Miller.[3]

Margaret must have married James McCain between 11 May 1764 when, according to the deposition of William Lauderdale, "Margaret Looney, relict of Peter Looney" had him get and drive some cattle that "fell to her share in an agreement with Robert Looney", and 15 Aug 1766 when son James McCain Junior was born.

18 May 1768: "Margaret McKain" witnessed the sale of wagon and stock from James McKain to Jonathan Smith, Robert Faris, and [father or brother] James Latherdale.[4]

10 Nov 1774: "Margaret McLain, late wife of Peter Looney," received her dower from Looney's estate.[5]

The McCain family moved to Tennessee in 1775, then joined the Donelson flotilla on their 985 mile long expedition to Nashboro. Fort Nashboro became Nashville, TN.

She was still alive when James Lauderdale mentioned her as "Margaret Cain, the widow of James Cain," in his will dated 22 Sep 1796; although Frances West claims that she did die that year in Sumner County, TN.[6]