Person:Margaret Gragg (1)

Margaret Gragg
m. Bef. 1715
  1. Thomas Graggabt 1715 - Bef 1773
  2. John GraggEst 1725 - 1784
  3. Robert GraggEst 1730 - 1793
  4. Margaret GraggEst 1730-1740 -
  5. William Gragg1735 - 1789
m. Abt. 1749
  1. Benjamin KimseyAbt 1751 - 1805/7
  2. James KimseyAbt 1755 - 1817
  3. Mary KimseyAbt 1760 -
  4. David KimseyAbt 1763 - 1828
  5. Hannah KimseyAbt 1765 - 1834
  6. Thomas Kimseyabt 1770 - 1860
Facts and Events
Name Margaret Gragg
Gender Female
Birth? Est. 1730-1740 Prob. Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Marriage Abt. 1749 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Benjamin Kimsey

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Last name may have been Gregg
  1.   Kendall, Hazel May Middleton. The descendants of William Gregg, the Friend immigrant to Delaware, 1682: from which nucleus disseminated nests of Greggs to Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina. (Anderson, Indiana: H.M.M. Kendall, 1944).

    V. Margaret Gragg, daughter of John Gragg, was probably born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, date not known; married Benjamin McKinzey, of Augusta County, Virginia. Augusta County court records show Benjamin McKinzey as a juror in 1762, and again in 1768. Apparently the family removed to Bun­combe County, North Carolina.

    In a letter dated 9 November, 1944, from Herbert B. Kin-zey, Pvt., Camp Blanding, Florida, to Hazel M. Kendall, he stated

    "The Widow and children of Benjamin McKinzey, Sr., except William and Benjamin, Jr., who remained in Buncombe County, moved westward into Tennessee, after the death of Benjamin, Sr., in 1807. The family settled on Duck River, where the widow remarried.

    Known children:

    1. Benjamin McKinzey, Jr.

    2. William McKinzey

    3. Thomas McKinzey

    4. Franklin McKinzey

    5. Hannah McKinzey

  2.   Kimsey, Alga B; Keith Kilpatrick; William D Kimsey; Kent Kilpatrick; and Carolyn Portier. The Kimsey family : a journey to Tennessee. (Turtletown, Tennessee: Floyd Parks Kimsey, c1982 (Lakemont, Ga. : Copple House Books)).