Person:Lewis Rector (4)

m. Abt 1760
  1. Charlotte Rector1762 - 1834
  2. Lewis RectorAbt 1765 - Abt 1830
  3. Sally Rector1766 -
  4. Martin Rector1768 - 1832
  5. Elizabeth Rector1772 -
  6. Rebecca Rector1777 -
  7. John Josiah RectorAbt 1778 - 1856
  • HLewis RectorAbt 1765 - Abt 1830
  • WSarah Butler1769 - 1798
m. Mar 1792
  1. Nancy Rector
  2. Jacob RectorAbt 1794 - Bef 1872
  3. Benjamin Ona Rector1795 - 1871
  4. Elizabeth Rector1796 -
m. 14 Jan 1799
  1. William Merriman Rector1799 - 1879
  2. Ludwell RectorAbt 1802 - Abt 1859
  3. Sarah Rector1803 - 1883
  4. John Rector1806 -
m. 16 May 1817
  1. Powhatan Rector
  2. Thomas Rector
  3. Martin Rector1819 - 1875
  4. Grisby Rector1820 - 1862
  5. Lewis Rector1827 - 1869
Facts and Events
Name Lewis Rector
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1765 Fauquier County, Virginia
Marriage Mar 1792 Campbell County, Virginiato Sarah Butler
Marriage 14 Jan 1799 Campbell County, Virginiato Elizabeth Martin
Marriage 16 May 1817 Campbell County, Virginiato Elizabeth Moore
Death? Abt 1830 Oliver Springs, Roane County, Tennessee
Other? Veteran, War Of 1812Military
Burial? Oliver Springs, Roane County, Tennessee

LEWIS RECTOR was born about 1765 in Fauquier County, Virginia. He later moved to Campbell County, Virginia. He later moved in Roane County, Tennessee.

Lewis was a farmer.

William married SARAH BUTLER, the daughter of WILLIAM BUTLER, SENIOR and ANN DUCKETT, in March 1792 in Campbell County, Virginia.

Lewis is listed on the Campbell County, Virginia Tax list for 1788, 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793, 1795, 1796, 1797, 1798, 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803, 1805, 1806 and 1807.

Lewis is listed on the Campbell County, Virginia Tax list for 1794 with William Williams.

Lewis Rector sold land to Stephen Martin, no acreage given, "along Wm. Boteler's lines." Signed Lewis X Rector and Elizabeth W Rector, her mark. (Source: Campbell County Deed Book 5, page 16, 1799.)

In July 1805, Lewis Rector sold land to Richard Bowen, both of Campbell,138 acres on both sides of East side of Joshua's Creek along "Stovall's line." Lewis X Rector, Elisabeth Rector, wit. Stephen Marin and Tucker and John Woodsin. (Source: Campbell County Deed Book 7, page 501.)

In 1805 William Butler Senior sold 155 acres on Stonewall Creek, Campbell County, Virginia to Lewis Rector.

In 1806 Lewis Rector witnessed a deed to Thomas Butler.

Lewis moved with his family to Roane County, Tennessee about 1809.

In 1812 Lewis Rector joined Thomas Butler and wife Charlotte, and Jane Rector in making a deed for the former residence of Jacob Rector on Stonewall Creek.

In January 1812, Thomas Butler surveyed 60 acres on the Indian Fork of Poplar Creek in Roane County, Tennessee.

In 1813, Lewis Rector surveyed 60 acres for Thomas Potter.

Lewis Rector served in the 2nd Regiment of Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, Colonel John Brown commanding. He served as a private in Captain Lundsford Oliver's Company. The dates of his service were from October16, 1813 through January 1, 1814. This regiment, along with a unit commanded by Colonel Samuel Bunch, comprised a brigade commanded by General George Doherty of the East Tennessee Volunteer Militia. Accounts of the movement of this regiment show it at Fort Armstrong (late November 1813) and Fort Deposit, which indicate that this unit probably was used to protect the supply lines from East Tennessee.

ordered by the Court that . . . Jacob Butler, and Lewis Rector be a Jury of review to view the road Beginning of the corner of James Childress fence to Intersect the road near Collins Roberts fence. View Report and to next term of this court, it is understood they are to view old and new roads.

In pursuance of an order to view the Roads from the Corner of James Childres fence to intersect the Emery road at Collins Roberts fence the Jurors met according to appoint and viewing both roads are of opinion the old road is the best Matthew Hawkins, Lewis Rector, Saml. Wotherington, John Sutherland and William Tunnel. (Tennessee Records of Anderson County, County Court Minutes, 1810 - 1814)

In 1817 Lewis Rector signed a petition in Roane County, Tennessee.

Lewis is listed on the Roane County, Tennessee Tax list for 1813, 1814, 1816, 1817, 1818 and 1819.

Lewis Rector, Senior bought twenty-one acres from Moses Winters of his original 249 acre tract. Lewis either remodeled a crude house, or he built the big sturdy log house at the corner of Main and Spring Streets, and presently occupied by Mrs. Geraldine Blanton of Oliver Spring, Tennessee. The house is on the National Register. (Source: Roane County Deed Book E, Page 409; December 23, 1819)

Elijah Reese, Lewis Rector, John Triplett, William Davidson and Daniel S. Lavender served as commissioners of the town of Montgomery, Tennessee. (Source: Roane County, Tennessee, July, 1826)

Lewis Rector is listed on the Roane County, Tennessee Tax list for 1828.

Lewis' family lived in this house until 1829 when he died. His widow sold the house and farm to her son, Lewis Rector, Junior in 1859. (Source: Roane County Deed Book J2, Page 575) and they continued to live there until after the Civil War.

No date for following entry. Prior entry dated July 22, 1831. "Amount of the sale of the property of Lewis Rector Deceased . . ." Names listed: Benjamin Rector, Elizabeth Rector, Jacob Rector, W. M. Rector, John Rector Junior, Powhatan Rector, Thomas Rector, D. M. C. Rector, and A. Manley with various amounts. (Source: Anderson County, Tennessee, Will Book 1830 - 1842, Page 55)

Lewis died about 1830 in Oliver Springs, Roane County, Tennessee. He is probably buried in the Oliver Springs, Tennessee area.