I have been researching my family history and genealogy for over 20+ years. I have spent much time researching and documenting my mother and father's ancestry, most of which is concentrated in Eastern Tennessee, Virginia (primarily Monongalia, Fauquier and Grayson Counties), North Carolina (Rowan County), Tennessee, Indiana, Germany, Germanna Colony (Culpeper County, VA), Ohio (Clark, and Greene Counties) and Missouri.

I have lines to Mayflower Ancestors to Isaac Allerton, William Brewster, Richard Warren, John Alden, and William Mullins. I have several additional Mayflower lines that has not yet been proven. According to family legend I am directly descended from King Edward III, but it has not been proven yet. Other legends in the family also have me related to Jesse and Frank James, Machine Gun Kelly, Carrie Nation, and Bonnie Parker. Like I said, legends, as I have not been able to prove any direct links, however I have proven a distant relation to the James Brothers.


If you have proven information that contradicts information listed or have additional information on the lines please e-mail me (see below) and we'll compare notes. If you would like a copy of a multi-generation genealogy report, e-mail me and I'll be glad to share it with you.

I am not necessarily related to every person or family just because I've added information to them on Some are included in projects that I am working on in certain geographical areas, such as the "History of Camden County, Missouri." I include information and sources (some secondary) to help other researchers, and some include a substantial amount of information that other reseachers have generously e-mailed or shared with me. I believe that in addition to the quest to get information, genealogists and family historians should equally do something that they can to share information to further the research and knowledge of others. Please support and help free genealogy prosper by sharing your records and/or research -- if you can't put it online, find someone who can.

If you feel that some information included was from a source that may be copyrighted, please e-mail me and I will review it for deletion. Please keep in mind that "facts" can't be copyrighted, and no-one has exclusive ownership over the information on their ancestors. It is for all of us to share together. Being selfish with records and information will only make it more difficult for us all to find the "truth" about our ancestors. Although on some pages, I've added my own substantial narrative and information that some would consider copyrighted, feel free to use this information and narrative for your own research.

Note: my research does contain "secondary" information, gathered from others. While I've tried to be as "error-free" as possible in adding information, I'm sure some information may contain errors. My goal is to have the "most accurate" information possible on these pages, and hopefully not have the "error-prone" information that has plagued other genealogical sites across the internet. If you have information that you feel could correct or add to information contained on WeRelate, please e-mail it to me, including the sources of the information. Thanks:)


  1. Michael Eugene Kelley, Sr.
  2. Debra Sue Parker


  1. Alvin Eugene Kelley
  2. Martha Rose Hershberger
  3. Charles Eugene Parker (1920 - 2010)
  4. Dorothy Marie Watson (1922 - 1970)


  1. David Wesley Kelley (1892 - 1981)
  2. Nellie Kathryn Stillwell (1895 - 1939)
  3. Charles Oliver Hershberger (1890 - 1968)
  4. Martha Jane Lindsay (1902 - 1952)
  5. Robert Floyd Parker (1897 - 1972)
  6. Carrie Louvica Rector (1901 - 1993)
  7. Oscar Samuel Watson (1894 - 1966)
  8. Nora Lee Fleming (1899 - 1967)


This list is not in any order of importance.
1. Upload remaining GEDCOM files.
2. Look for documentation that Marion Francis Marion actually existed.
3. Go through the Kelley / Kelly file and clean it up.
4. Go through the Parker file and clean it up.
5. Fill in the unknowns in both the Kelley / Kelly file and the Parker file.


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