Person:Lettice Shakespeare (1)

Lettice Shakespeare
  • HJohn Drakeabt 1598 - 1659
  • WLettice Shakespeare - 1623
m. 25 Jun 1616
  1. John Drake1616 - Bet 1689
  2. Job Drake, Sr.1620 - 1689
Facts and Events
Name Lettice Shakespeare
Gender Female
Marriage 25 Jun 1616 Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire, Englandto John Drake
Burial? 10 Nov 1623 Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire, England

Likely connected as a cousin of some sort to the famous William, who was born in Warwick in 1564 and whose mother’s name was Mary Arden. The IGI lists a Lettice Shakespeare b. 4 JUN 1583 to Henry and Margaret in Ingon Warwick, but the same record says she died in 1595. Henry is listed in some genealogies as a brother of poet William, but the "accepted" line has him as an uncle. See This site has a 1582 baptism for Lettice, but no death. Henry's daughter Joanna was buried at Snitterfield in 1595.