Person:Lena Littman (1)

m. abt 1850
  1. Hani Littman1852 - 1894
  2. Moricz Littmanabt 1854 -
  3. Fanny Littmanabt 1857 -
  4. Joseph Littmanabt 1860 -
  5. Lena Littman1862 - 1900
  6. Betty Littman1864 - 1932
  7. Esti Littman1866 -
  8. Rose Littman1868 -
m. abt 1891
  1. David Tannenbaum1892 -
  2. Benjamin Tannenbaum1894 -
  3. Sadie Tannenbaum1896 -
Facts and Events
Name Lena Littman
Gender Female
Birth[2] 1862 Szepes-Váralja, Szepes, HungaryRibniscek
Marriage abt 1891 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States(probable loc)
to Hermann Tannenbaum
Residence 1892 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States782 N. Leavitt St.
with Hermann Tannenbaum
Residence bet 1894 and 1896 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States736 N. Leavitt St.
with Hermann Tannenbaum
Residence 1900 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States770 N. Artesian St.
with Hermann Tannenbaum
Death[3][5] 22 Nov 1900 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Burial[4] 23 Nov 1900 Forest Park, Cook, Illinois, United StatesWaldheim, Kalvaria Anshe Sholom Cemetery Gate 20, Lot 0S,Section A, Row 49, Grave 291
Residence 1910 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States1432 Irving Ave.
with Hermann Tannenbaum

Lena was born in 1862, probably in Szepes, Hungary. She was the fifth of eight children. In 1887, at age 25, she and her younger sister Bertha sailed out of Bremen to New York. While Bertha stayed in New York, Lena moved on to Chicago, probably about 1890, where she had two sons and a daughter in the 1890s. It is not known whether she had met and married her husband Hermann Tannenbaum back in Hungary, or whether she met and married him in Chicago. He was a few years older than her, and also apparently from Hungary. When she came to the US in 1887, she traveled only with her sister, and used her maiden name, but was listed as a "wife" on the manifest. Sadly, she died at a young age (about 38) in 1900, leaving her husband and three children, ages 8, 6, and 4.

Image Gallery
  1.   Szepeshely, family 26, in Magyar Statisztikai Hivatal. Népszámlálás, 1869 : Szepes (megye). (Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmre vette a Genealogical Society of Utah, 2000), 10 Jan 1870, Primary quality.
    David Litmann family in 1869 census in Szepeshely
  2. An 1869 Hungarian census record (see parents' page) gives her birth year as 1862, and has the family living in Ribnicsek, a rural spot just outside the town of Kirchdorf (Szepes-váralja), Szepes, Hungary. Both she and her sister Bertha, who came to America together in 1887, seemed to have shaved 6 years off their age on immigrating. Her reported age on various American documents has her born anywhere between 1866-1871. Her report of age 19 on her 1887 ship's manifest would have her born in 1868. Her nationality / place of birth on American records is listed variously as Hungary, Austria, and Germany, with Hungary being most prevalent as well as what was reported on the 1887 ship's manifest. Hungary is further confirmed by photos in the possession of her sister Bertha, apparently of other siblings of theirs, with photographer's marks from Kassa and Miskolcz, both Hungarian towns. Here is a list of documents that reference her age and nationality:

    • doc date, age (birth year), birthplace, document

    • 11/1887, 19 (cal.1868), Hungary, ship's manifest

    • 06/1892, 21 (cal.1871), Austria, David birth

    • 03/1894, 27 (cal.1867), Hungary, Bennie birth

    • 04/1896, 27 (cal.1869), Germany, Sadie's birth

    • 06/1900, 30 (Jan 1870), Austria, US census

    • 11/1900, 34 (cal.1866), Hungary, death cert

  3. Lena has apparently died before 1908, as the 1910 census shows Herman Tannenbaum with a 2nd wife of 2 years, and with the 3 children he had with Lena. A Nov 1900 death certificate for a Lina Tanenbaum in Chicago Ward 14 is most likely her, although the death certificate form is disappointingly devoid of any family information to be completely certain.
  4. The death cert of Lena Tannenbaum shows she was buried on 23 Nov 1900 at Waldheim. A 7/25/2012 email from Debra Maropoulos <> confirms "Lena Tannenbaum is buried in our Kalvaria Anshe Sholom Cemetery Gate 20, Lot 0S,Section A, Row 49, Grave 291, her date of death was 11/22/1900 at the age of 34." Looking more closely at a cemetery map, her row is in a section of single graves outside of the Kalvaria Anshe Sholom plot (a burial society for a shtetl in Lithuania). Gate 20 appears to be at roughly 1451 Des Plaines Ave, south of Roosevelt, across the street from a Walmart, in Forest Park, IL. A 7/30/2012 follow-up email response from the cemetery adds "There are no other Tannenbaum’s in the area and yes Lena has a headstone."
  5. Death certificate