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Kokum Powhatan
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  1. Kokum Powhatan1590 -
  2. I-oppasus Japasaw “Chief Passapatanzy” _____1590 -
  3. “Great King of Potomac” _____Abt 1600 -
m. 1610
Facts and Events
Name Kokum Powhatan
Alt Name[1] Kocoum _____
Gender Male
Birth? 1590 Virginia, USA
Marriage 1610 Colony of Virginiato Pocahontas _____
  1. Strachey, WIlliam. The Historie of Travaile Into Virginia Britannia. (Hakluyt Society).

    "He [Powhatan] was reported by the said Kemps,
    as also by the Indian Machumps, who was sometyme
    in England, and comes to and fro amongst us as
    he dares, and as Powhatan gives him leave" ...
    "I say they often reported unto us that Powhatan
    had then lyving twenty sonnes and ten daughters,
    besyde a young one by Winganuske, Machumps his sister,
    and a great darling of the King's; and besides,
    younge Pocohunta, a daughter of his, using sometyme
    to our fort in tymes past, nowe married to a
    private Captaine, called Kocoum, some two years since."

    ["Some people interpret this last sentence to mean Pocahontas was also married to an Indian name Kocoum.

    Others interpret the word Kocoum as an Indian term for the words "private Captaine" which refers to her 1614 marriage to John ROLFE, thus indicating that this part of the manuscript was written in 1616." note written by NICOLE escarpmenttest@ POCAHONTAS-L Archives ]