Person:Karl Wackes (3)

Karl Louis WACKES, II
b.5 Mar 1887 Baltimore, Maryland
m. Abt 1884
  1. Annie WACKES
  2. Frieda WackesAbt 1885 -
  3. Karl Louis WACKES, II1887 - 1951
  4. Rose WACKES1891 - 1964
  5. Florence WACKES1895 - 1979
  6. Helen WACKES - 1912
  7. George William Wackes1897 - 1970
  8. Gustave WACKES1899 - 1946
  • HKarl Louis WACKES, II1887 - 1951
  • WAnnie Ahrens1886 - 1984
m. 16 Nov 1907
  1. Esther WACKES1909 - 1987
  2. Charles Louis WACKES, III1911 - 1981
  3. Lois Augusta WACKES1912 - 1987
  4. Marjorie Carol Wackes1915 - 2003
  5. Henry Paul WACKES, Sr.1916 - 1999
  6. Paul George Wackes1918 - 2001
Facts and Events
Name Karl Louis WACKES, II
Gender Male
Birth? 5 Mar 1887 Baltimore, Maryland
Christening? 27 Aug 1891 Lutheran Church, Baltimore, Maryland
Marriage 16 Nov 1907 Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniato Annie Ahrens
Education? gr 6
Occupation? Dairy deliveryman
Death? 24 Apr 1951 Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
Burial[1] 28 Apr 1951 Forest Hills Cemetery
Religion? Nondenominational Protestant

Named for his father, Karl, Karl, Jr. was called “Charles“ and “Charlie” by his family and friends. He was born in Baltimore, the entry point of his parents to America from Germany in 1884. About 1900 the family moved to Philadelphia.

When Charles, Jr. was of age to work, his father left weaving in order to begin a dairy store and milk delivery business in order to give his son a vocation. After Karl, Sr.’s death, the business was sold and Charles was employed by the new company for most of his adult life as a milk delivery man. Towards the end of his life, Charles retired and took a job with a ballbearing factory in Willow Grove, Pa. as a watchman.

He was a gentle man. Because of his wife’s outspoken Christian testimony, he lost contact with his own family for many years. He enjoyed gardening, played a concertina and accordian, operated an antique business, and struggled to keep a large family together during the Great Depression. Becuae several of his children had a difficult time in a rough neighborhood in Brewerytown, Philadelphia, when his youngest child, Paul, was of high school age, Charles and Annie moved to a new house in Willow Grove, PA. Charles drove to work into the city daily.

As a quiet man and a quiet Christian, he seemed to follow the lead of his wife, Annie He was a patient and loving grandfather, adored by his grandchildren, and daily traveled into the country several miles to visit his daughter-in-law, Ruth (wife of Paul), little granddaughter, Eunice, and “our Ken” as he called affectionately his grandson. He taught Ken to drive the tractor, helped him with his chores in taking care of the horses, and generally was a good friend.

A large man (250 lbs / size 14 shoes) Charles was prone to be overweight. He suffered a heart attack at about age 58. He was a quiet, yet pleasant, good–natured man who was a wonderful giant with little children. He died of a heart attack at the age of 64 in his home in Willow Grove, PA.

  1. Wetzel Funeral Home 501 N. Easton Rd. Willow Grove, PA