Person:Joseph White (80)

Joseph White
b.1696 Ireland
  1. Joseph White1696 - 1808
m. Aft 12 Mar 1735
  1. Joseph White1737 - 1807
  2. David WhiteAbt 1737 - 1809
  3. John White
m. 1753
m. 1800
Facts and Events
Name Joseph White
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1696 Ireland
Marriage Aft 12 Mar 1735 to Margaret Leeth
Residence? Bet 1740 and 1748 Bladen, North Carolina, United States
Occupation? 17 Mar 1749 Anson, North Carolina, United StatesAppointed Sheriff
Marriage 1753 to Elizabeth Leeth
Marriage 1800 to Avarilla Harper
Death[2] 11 Feb 1808 Anson, North Carolina, United States

Joseph's first wife, Margaret Leeth (possibly the daughter of John Leeth), died sometime after 1748 in Anson Co., NC. Following her death, he took a second wife, Elizabeth Leeth, in 1753. And a third wife (presumably following the death of the second), Avarilla Harper, around 1800.

In 1781, future President Andrew Jackson briefly lived at the homes of Thomas Crawford and Joseph White and assisted in a saddler's trade. In 1749, Joseph was the first high sheriff of Anson County (bearing the title "High Sheriff of Anson"). He was also a Crown justice before the American Revolution. Joseph White was a vestryman of St. George's Parish (Church of England), Anson County.S3

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    David White's will was recorded in the old Spanish records of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In the first sentence of the will, he states that he is the legitimate son of Joseph White and Margaret Leeth. After his death, an attempt was made to break this will and in the records of the trial, there is a sworn deposition of John White of Anson County, North Carolina who identifies himself as a brother of David. During the lifetime of Unity, David White, along with his son-in-law John Perry, were involved in the Indian Trade along the Tombigbee River, Yazoo lands, in what would later become the state of Alabama. David White would later take up residence and land in New Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, a part of Spanish West Florida at that time. On August 16, 1794, he prepared his will, specifying that his entire estate be given to Sybil Turnbull, daughter of his good friend John Turnbull, now deceased. The will was sealed and given to the Spanish authorities at the "Fort and District of Baton Rouge" on August 21, 1794 for safekeeping until his death. He stated that he was "an Englishman and a native of North America," then he and the witnesses he had brought along signed "the closed folder." All of his family thought he was dead except his brother John, who took up his trail and found him in Louisiana. Later, his sons Joseph and William visited their father. David sent an invitation to Sarah through the sons to bring the family, but Sarah did not respond, and David did not change his will. The will was probated in 1809, and Sybil inherited. David's wife Sarah sued, and the court ruled against her. She tried again, and was again unsuccessful.

    See also: Elizabeth Isabella (Turnbull) Semple, Moses Samples, Eliza Perry.

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    Died at his seat in Anson County, Mr. Joseph White at the extreme age of 112 years.

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