Person:Joseph Thorne (4)

m. ABT 1638
  1. William Thorneabt 1636 - est 1699
  2. John Thorneabt 1639 - 1709
  3. Joseph Thorne1642 - 1727
  4. Susannah Thorneabt 1645 - abt 1696
  5. Samuel Thorneabt 1648 - 1732
m. 1 Feb 1672/73
  • HJoseph Thorne1642 - 1727
  • WMary Bowne1660/61 - 1728
m. Bef 1680
  1. Hannah Thorne1680 - 1761
  2. Joseph Thorne1682 - 1772
  3. William Thorne1684 - bet 1742
  4. Mary Thorne1686 - 1768
  5. Susannah Thorne1688 - 1728
  6. John Thorne1690 - 1769
  7. Thomas Thorne1692/93 - 1757
  8. Benjamin Thorne1694/95 -
  9. Abraham Thorne1696 - 1765
  10. Isaac Thorne1698 - 1768
  11. Jacob Thorne1700 - 1759
  12. Sarah Thorne1702/03 - bef 1738
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Thorne
Gender Male
Birth? 1642 Flushing, Queens, New York
Marriage 1 Feb 1672/73 Long Island, New York, United Statesto Anna Lawrenson
Marriage Bef 1680 Flushing, Queens, New York, United StatesBased on birth of eldest known child
to Mary Bowne
Death[3][4] 3 May 1727 Flushing, Queens, New York, United States
Burial? Matinecock Friends Burying Ground, Locust Valley, Nassau Co., New York, United States

Joseph Thorne

Joseph Thorne was born about 1642 in Flushing, Long Island, New Amsterdam [now NY]. He was buried in 1727 in Friends Cemetery, Flushing [now NY]. Original Friend's Cemetery, later moved to another site on Long Island. He died in May 1727 in Flushing, Long Island.

Will of Joseph Thorne

A bookS1gives the following transcription of his will:

I, Joseph Thorne, of Flushing, in Queens County, being aged and indisposed. Being well advised with ye weighty concern I am now about. I leave to my son Benjamin, all my Plantation and homestead where I now live in Flushing, with all housing, orchards, and lands, and all my meadow and woodland. I leave to my wife Mary, the use of 1/2 of all lands and meadows, and 1/2 of all housing and orchards during her life. After he death I leave 1/2 to my son Benjamin and he is to pay legacies, viz.: To his brother Jacob, 100s, and to his brothers, Isaac, Thomas, and Abraham, 20s each. To my son Isaac I leave 5 shillings. I leave to my sons, Thomas, Abraham, and Isaac, all that tract of land lying at a place called (???), in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I leave to my wife Mary, a negro man, and an Indian woman. To my daughter Sarah, a negro girl. I leave to my son Joseph, 5 shillings over and above what I have formerly given him by deed of gift. I leave to my son William, 5 shillings besides what I gave him in West New Jersey. To my son John, 5 shillings and a negro boy. To my wife Mary, 1/2/ of the rest of my movables. To my daughter, Mary Shadwell, a negro girl. I leave to my daughters, Hanna Field, Mary Shadwell, Susanah Hedger, and Sara Thorn, 1/2/ of my movables. I make my wife and my son Benjamin, executors.

Dated July 27, 1724.

Witnesses, Thomas Farrington, Richard Laurence, John Haight. Proved, November 27, 1727.


NOTE: ?? Line 4290: (New PAF RIN=1546) 1 BURI 2 PLAC Lee Burial Grounds, Middlesex This individual has the following other parents in the Ancestral File: William /THORNE/ (AFN:2T2K-2N) and Sarah Or S /HALLETT/ (AFN:2T2K-3T)

From: O'Callaghan, E. B., The Documentary History of the State of New York, Vol. 1, (Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co., Public Printers, 1850) pp. 432-437.

An Exact List of all Ye Inhabitants Names wthin Ye Towne of fflushing and P'cincts of Old and Young ffreemen and Servants White & Blacke &c. 1698:

Joseph Thorne and Mary his wife Joseph, William, Thomas, John, Benjamin and Abraham Hannah, Mary and Sarah 1 negro Tom

From The History of the Early Quakers @ "Early representatives of these families (Fields, Pounds and Thornes) came from Long Island. . . . Joseph and Mary Thorn, of Flushing, L.I., had a son Jacob, born in 1700, who in 1723 married Susannah Shotwell and settled in Middlesex County, near here. Their descendants were mostly Friends."

From "The Record" Oct 1888, pg 156: "Joseph Thorne m at Flushing Mary Bowne b. 1660, daughter of John Bowne, the noted Quaker who for his religion was sent to Holland to be tried by the Company's College, and his first wife Hannah Feake. (The Bownes are now the oldest family represented in Flushing who have lived there continuously from the beginning. The oldest house in the town is the second Bowne house, built in 1661. The family are descended from Thomas Bowne bap. at Matlock, Derbyshire, 25 May, 1595, who came to America. His son John born at Matlock, 9 March, 1627, was the father of Mary and Martha Johanna.) Mary's sister Martha Johanna Bowne b. 1673, afterward became the wife of Joseph Thorne, son of John, the two sisters thus marrying uncle and nephew. Joseph Thorne died at Flushing 3d mo. 1727."

From "The Record" Jan 1962, pg 31: His will which was executed July 27, 1724, and proved Nov. 27, 1727 was not recorded. It lists wife, Mary and eight children including the phrase for son William "beside what I gave him in West Jersey. . . . "

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    Transcription of will elsewhere on this page.

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    p40 Thorne, John Sr and John Jr.
    p.41 Bowne, Samuel
    p.41 Hedger,Thomas
    p.41 Thorne,Joseph
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    Joseph Thorn of flushing dyed the [--] day of ye 3'mo [May] 1727.

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