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In the early 1990's I learned about a group called "First Families of Ohio". My family had left Ohio in 1863 and since I had now returned to Ohio to live I thought that it would be fun to join this organization. I found out that I needed to "qualify" so I went to the state library in search of information. I had two Ohio families that I knew of --Ross and Conklin. In the library I came across the book "The Ross Family of New Jersey" by Robert Ross. I saw that genealogy was more than an old family bible or family tree that someone had created. I learned that genealogy is the search for and investigation of footprints which people leave across their life path. Since the Ross family had been documented I began my genealogical research with the Conklin family. I published a book on the family and have copied much of it into the pages on WeRelate. This was a wonderful opportunity to "meet" distant cousins.

My genealogy has branched out to include early settlers of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. On the way I have learned about the cultures that my ancestors embraced and the way that different groups lived. A special treat was being able to meet a French fifth-cousin via the internet and genealogy lists. Through trans-Atlantic visits we were each able to learn about the other part of the family.

Special interests include the Conklin(g) family of Elizabeth New Jersey and early Seventh Day Baptist people in Rhode Island.