Person:Joseph Slafter (2)

  • HJoseph SlaughterAbt 1721 - 1775
  • W.  Hannah Covell (add)
m. Abt 1742
  1. Abner SlaughterBet 1743 & 4 -
  2. Joseph Slaughter1745 - Aft 1814
  3. Abial Slaughter1747 - 1813
  4. Sarah SlaughterAbt 1750 - 1808
  5. Silas Slaughter1754 - 1825
  6. John Slater1756 - 1815
  7. Hannah Slaughter1760 - 1829
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Slaughter
Alt Name Joseph Slafter
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1721 Killingly, Windham, Connecticut, United States
Marriage Abt 1742 Scituate,Providence,Rhode Island,USAto Hannah Covell (add)
Death[1] 13 Aug 1775 Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

From the Memorial of John SlafterS1:

Joseph, [son of Joseph, son of John,] b. perhaps in 1721; d. Aug. 13, 1775; m. Hannah Covel; he was admitted freeman at Newport, R.I., April 3, 1745. This is the only clue to his age which has been found. Scituate, R.I.

In the Introduction of the same book (at p. viii), it is noted how the spelling of the surname has evolved to Slaughter in this line:

Joseph, the eldest son of the above Joseph, and grandson of the emigrant ancestor, resided in Scituate, R.I. He was admitted a freeman at Newport, April 3, 1745, on which occasion his name is written Slaughter. In 1774, when a census was taken in Rhode Island, there were residing in Scituate, as heads of families, Joseph, above mentioned, and three of his sons, viz., Joseph, Jr., who afterward removed to Guilford, Vt., Abner, who removed to the State of New York, and Abial, who continued in Scituate, afterward Foster, R.I. Of the above four families, the name in the census was written Slaughter, and a part of the descendants of Abner still retain this spelling, but the bulk of those descended from these families now write the name Slater.
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