Person:John Tomson (1)

John Tomson
b.abt 1616 England
  • HJohn Tomsonabt 1616 - 1696
  • WMary Cookeabt 1627 - 1714/15
m. 26 Dec 1645
  1. Adam Tomsonabt 1646 - abt 1648
  2. John Thompson1647 - 1648
  3. John Tomson1649 - 1725
  4. Mary Thompson1650 - 1723
  5. Esther Tomson1652 - bef 1706
  6. Elizabeth Tomson1654 - bet 1717
  7. Sarah Tomson1657 - aft 1696
  8. Lydia Tomson1659 - 1741/2
  9. Jacob Tomson1662 - 1726
  10. Thomas Tomson1664 - 1742
  11. Peter TomsonAbt 1667 - Bef 1731
  12. Mercy Tomsonbet 1671 - 1756
Facts and Events
Name[5] John Tomson
Alt Name John Thomson
Gender Male
Birth[4][7] abt 1616 Englandestimated from age at death
Marriage 26 Dec 1645 Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Cooke
Death[1][4][7] 16 Jun 1696 Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation? Carpenter
Burial[6] Nemasket Hill Cemetery, Middleboro, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesOld Burying Ground section

Source:Mayflower Descendant, p. 3:22, will dated 23 Apr 1696 mentions "Mary Tomson my Beloved Wife", "my son John", "my son Jacob", "my sons Thomas and Peter", "my four Sons", "my Daughter Mary Tabor", "my Daughter Esther Read", "my Daughter Elizabeth Swift", "My Grandson Thomas Swift", "my Daughter Sarah Tomson", "my Daughter Lidia Soul", "my Daughter Mercy Tomson". Subsequent agreement dated 16 Jun 1696 regarding estate of "our Honoured ffather John Tomson Sen'r of Middleborough deceased" mentions "Thomas Tomson and Peter Tomson", "ye six daughters", and was signed by Elizabeth Swift, Sarah Tomson, James Soul [husband of Lydia], Marcy Tomson, John Tomson, Jacob Tomson, Thomas Tomson, Peter Tomson, Thomas Tabor [husband of Mary], and William Read [husband of Esther].

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    Lieut: John Thomson deceased June the 16th 1696: in the eightyeth year of his age. [Birth calculates to about 1616.]

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