Person:John Rogers (1)

m. 24 Oct 1597
  1. Lt. Joseph Rogers1602/3 - bet 1677/8
  2. John Rogers1606 - 1691/92
  3. Lysbeth (Elizabeth) Rogers1609 -
  4. Margaret Rogers1613 - AFT 1622
m. 16 Apr 1639
  1. Anna Rogers1640 - after 1704
  2. John Rogers1640 - 1732
  3. Abigail Rogersabout 1640 - 1727
  4. Elizabeth Rogersbefore 1652 - after 1703
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] John Rogers
Gender Male
Christening[2] 6 Apr 1606 Watford, Northamptonshire, England
Marriage 16 Apr 1639 Plymouth, Massachusettsto Anna Churchman
Will[2] 26 Aug 1691
Burial? 11 Feb 1691/92 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States


The Thomas Rogers Society claims that this John Rogers was baptized on 6 April 1606 at Watford, co. Northamptonshire, England, son of Mayflower passenger Thomas Rogers and Alice Cosford, citing Reeves, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: Descendants of the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth, Mass. December 1620: Family of Thomas Rogers (Plymouth, MA: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 2000), 1:1. They also indicate he married Anna Churchman on 16 April 1639 at Plymouth, citing the same source, p. 6.

Governor Bradford's journal (?), p. 453, reads: "Thomas Rogers died in the first sickness, but his son [Joseph?] is still living and is married and has children, the rest of his children came over and are married and have many children. Another good source is Collections of the Maine Historical Society, which has a chapter on the John Rogers families in the vicinity of Plymouth.

Another source for John's origins is Clifford L. Stott, The English Ancestry of Pilgrim Thomas Rogers and His Wife Alice (Cosford) Rogers, The Genealogist 10:138-149.

Last Will & Testament

WILL: John Rogers Sr. of Duxborough by will dated August 25, 1691 proved September 20, 1692 gives the following:

1. To his grandson, John Rogers, all his houses and lands in the town of Duxborough.

2. To his grandson, John Tisdale, for the use of his mother, Anna Terry, one half of his land, divided and undivided in Middleboro, excepting his rights in the Major Purchase, the land to be disposed of according to his mother's mind."

3. To his daughter, Elizabeth Williams [who was the wife of Nathaniel Williams of Taunton] the other half of the Middleboro land; and his cattle" were to be equally divided between his daughters.

4. To his grandson, John Rogers, all his household stuff and moneys out of which he was to pay his sister, Elizabeth Rogers, 40 shillings; and twenty shillings each to his other three sisters, Hannah Bradford, Ruth Rogers and Sarah Rogers.

5. To his daughter, Abigail Richmond, 'that twenty shillings a year which is my due for fourscore acres of land which I sold to my two grandsons, Joseph Richmond and Edward Richmond."

6. He appoints his "loving son, John Rogers, sole executor and administrator of this my last will and testament."

The will also identifies his son John as the one who married Elizabeth Pabodie, by naming the well-known children of the latter as his grandchildren.

Source: Drummond, Josiah H., The John Rogers Families in Plymouth and Vicinity, Collections of the Maine Historical Society, Seres 2, Volume 7. 1896.


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