Person:John McMorries (3)

m. Abt 1757
  1. Mary Curry McMorriesAbt 1756 - 1828
  2. William McMorriesAbt 1759 - Abt 1827
  3. Ann Nancy McMorries1760 - 1822
  4. Jane McMorriesAbt 1763 -
  5. James B. McMorries1765 - 1846
  6. Joseph B. McMorriesAbt 1768 -
  7. John B. McMorries1769 - 1823
  8. Alexander McMorriesAbt 1771 - 1841
  9. Charles B. McMorriesAbt 1787 -
  1. Martha McMorries
Facts and Events
Name John B. McMorries
Gender Male
Birth[1] 5 Jan 1769 Fairfield County, South Carolina
Marriage to Patsy Herndon
Residence? Abt 1795 9 Miles East Of Newburg Court House Near The Saluda River
Occupation[2] Bet 1808 and 1812
Death[1] 30 Dec 1823 Newberry County, South Carolina, Kingdom Chapel ARP
Burial? Kings Creek ARP Church In South Carolina
Other? large square built, heavy set man Medical

John McMorries became a very influential man during his life. He lived in Newberry County, South Carolina with his wife Nancy Morgan, daughter of Major Spensor Morgan, and his nine children. There he ran both a farm and a store called "McMorries Store." In 1808 the McMorries Store became the sight of the first Poplar Grove post office. John's brother James was appointed postmaster in 1827 and served until 1832. In 1853, John's son William W. took the position of postmaster and served until 1856. The post office would become known as Beth Eden on July 28, 1851 and discontinued in 1866. John became know as "Captain" while serving as a South Carolina State Senator for Newberry District in the years 1808 - 1812. He presided over the first anti-tariff meeting in Newberry District in 1807 and served as presidential elector in 1808. He also became one of the first trustees of Newberry Academy.

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  2. South Carolina State Senator, Newberry District