Person:Alexander McMorries (1)

Alexander McMorries
m. Abt 1757
  1. Mary Curry McMorriesAbt 1756 - 1828
  2. William McMorriesAbt 1759 - Abt 1827
  3. Ann Nancy McMorries1760 - 1822
  4. Jane McMorriesAbt 1763 -
  5. James B. McMorries1765 - 1846
  6. Joseph B. McMorriesAbt 1768 -
  7. John B. McMorries1769 - 1823
  8. Alexander McMorriesAbt 1771 - 1841
  9. Charles B. McMorriesAbt 1787 -
  1. Baxter William McMorris
  2. Penelope McMorris
  3. Nancy W. McMorrisAbt 1794 -
  4. William McMorrisAbt 1794 - Bet 1840 & 1841
  5. Jane McMorris1795 - 1882
  6. Mary McMorrisAbt 1796 -
  7. Alexander Jr. McMorrisAbt 1798 -
Facts and Events
Name Alexander McMorries
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1771 Fairfield County, South Carolina
Census? 1820 Amite County, Mississppi
Census? 1840 Amite County, Mississppi
Death[1] 20 Jul 1841 Amite County, Mississppi

Alexander McMorris was born in Fairfield County, South Carolina about the year 1771. He was the sixth of nine children born to William and Jane McMorries. Alexander married Elizabeth Baxter and had seven children: Jane, Penelope, Nancy W., Mary, Alexander Jr., Baxter, and William.

The search for land brought Alexander and his family, along with his brother James, to Franklin County, Georgia. Here Alexander and his brother registered for the 1805 Land Lottery of Georgia (ticket numbers 1217 and 1218). Failing to win the lottery, Alexander moved his family to Amite County, Mississippi in the early part of 1810. There he obtained three land grants, one for 160 acres on January 29, 1816; a second for 160 acres on August 11, 1816; and a third for 320 acres in 1820.

Alexander and his family were orginally members of the Presbyterian Church, but later became members of the Pisgah Methodist Church to which Alexander donated land for the location of the church facility. Alexander's home became one of the Pioneer Methodist meeting places in Amite County and was known as the "McMorries Amite Circuit." Reverend Winans recorded accounts of being at Alexander's home in his diary. Below are three accounts from that diary.

"Friday the 9th of May 1823 -- I rode to Bro. McMorries 30 miles. My ride today was doubly unpleasant owning to my own weakness and to my having left Mrs. Winans quite ill.

Saturday the 10th of May 1823 -- Before we left here this morning a mad bitch, or one believed to be mad, came into the yard and bit 3 or 4 of Bro. McMorries dogs. We rode Bro. McMorries and his two sons with us to Tucker's Meeting House where Bro. Seaton preached.

Wednesday the 21 of May 1823 -- Bro. Westerlund and I rode to Bro. McMorries 30 miles. On the way was overtaken by Col. Chandler met by Bro. R. Bowman, old and infirm but entered upon long and arduous journey. And also by the way met Bro. Norton near Washington into whose hand I put the $50 note, which had been returned to as counterfeit; to have it ascertained whether the note was good or not. At 5 p.m. I preached at Bro. McMorries on Amos 4:12 to a rather decent little congregation of attentive goers. Bro. Westerlund concluded."

Alexander lived out his life on his farm in Amite County and died at about the age of 70. It is thought the date of his death lies between July 20, 1841 and September 27, 1841. After Alexander's death, his wife Elizabeth stayed with her son Baxter and died at the age of 84 in Pike County, Mississippi.

Succession Records of St. Helena Parish, Louisiana 1804-1854, page 87:

"June 24, 1858.  Family meeting recommending Jefferson J. Thompson tutor for Amelia Thompson.  Alexander and Barber McMorris are the administrators of Alexander McMorris, deceased, and in their account have paid various sums to Elizabeth McMorris, Edward Bullock, Jane Felder, Nancy W. Thompson, Alexander McMorris, Elizabeth E. M. Taylor, and Mary A. Amacker.

The Alexander McMorris estate was settled in Amite County, Miss. He left a will, and those interested in his estate are: Alexander McMorris, George and Sarah West, Angelina Graves, Jane Felder, John McMorris (minor), Sylvester McMorris (minor), John and Amanda Amacker, Edmond and Elizabeth Taylor, the heirs of James A. Thompson, Elizabeth Ragan, the heirs of Edmond and Penelope Bullock, Hardy Thompson and Nancy Thompson, Richard H. L. and Heste Ann McMorris.

There are seven heirs to the estate of Alexander McMorris."

  1. Descendants of William MCMORRIES.
  2. Plantation Farmer
  3. Member Of Pisgah Methodist Church