Person:John Jackson (368)

Captain John Jackson
m. Abt 1735
  1. Captain John Jackson1737 - 1819
  2. Sarah Jackson
  3. Diana Jackson
m. 10 Feb 1763
m. 28 Nov 1765
  1. Elizabeth Jackson1766 - 1791
  2. Samuel Jackson1768 - 1791
  3. John Theodore Jackson1769 - 1831
  4. Spencer Jackson, Sr.1773 - 1830
  5. Sarah Jackson1775 -
  6. Richard Jackson1778 - 1823
Facts and Events
Name Captain John Jackson
Gender Male
Birth? 28 Nov 1737 Fairfax, Virginia, United States
Marriage 10 Feb 1763 to Rachel Diskin
Marriage 28 Nov 1765 Fairfax, Virginia, United Statesto Ann Wigginton
Death? 29 Jan 1819 Fairfax, Virginia, United States

From source doc by Jean Tibbetts: The introduction to the 1988-1991 Reflections describes how, "As you read this edition of the Great Falls Historical Society Annual, there's a family name you will be noticing quite a bit. John Jackson and later his sons - John Jr., Spencer, and Richard - accumulated thousands of acres of land in Great Falls from the end of the Revolutionary War until around 1800. Their descendants lived, worked, raised families, and died here. And while they may not be the Ewings of Dallas or the DuPonts of Delaware, the Jackson family, as you will see, has a rich legacy that tells much of our local past."

From source doc, research of Jean Tibbetts: John Jackson was a "Gentleman Judge" or Justice of the Peace in Fairfax county; his appointment, by the Governor of Virginia, was for life. John's will, dated 4 Dec 1818, was proved 15 February 1819.

Excerpt from National Register of Historic Places, OMB No, 102400018; Four Stairs, Great Falls, Fairfax, VA, pgs 15, 16: John Jackson, Sr., his wife Sarah, and son John Jackson, Jr., (1737-1819) held a three-lives lease, executed in 1769, on 400 acres on Scott's Run near the Potomac River below Difficult Run. Their home was built on the stone and log ruins of an early settler's cabin. John Jr. and his second wife, Ann Wiggenton, were married in 1765. Seven children were born to the couple, including John Theodore (1769-1831) who married Verlinda (ca. 1782-1863), Spencer (1773-1830) who married Penelope Ratcliffe (died 1837), and Richard (1778-1823) who married Jane Donaldson (1796-1872).

After the death of John Sr. in 1785, John Jr. formalized his claim to the Scott's Run land and began large-scale acquisition of additional land along the Potomac in the present McLean-Great Falls area and in Ohio. He and his sons acquired thousands of acres of prime agricultural land during their lifetimes and owned many slaves. They were a close-knit family who lived in proximity to each other on adjacent parcels near the Great Falls of the Potomac. Jackson was a justice of the peace in Fairfax County with a life appointment by the governor of Virginia. A captain of militia, he was known also as "Captain John Jackson." When the Falls Bridge Turnpike Company was organized in 1813 to build a direct turnpike that would connect Georgetown with Leesburg, the Jackson brothers subscribed. John Jackson served on the board of directors and Spencer contracted to build the road as it passed over Difficult Run and along their lands.

Summary: PWC Court Case 1768 John JACKSON, complainant against
Bryan MAYNEY, executor of John DISIINS, dec'd [DISKIN]
1771 Oct 15 Case appealed in Williamsburg
1789 20 Aug Deed John JACKSON & wife ANNE of Fairfax to
Dr. George GRAHAM of Dumfries, PWC
200 A on Flat Branch into Bull Run in PWC
Wit: Jno LOVE, Charles LEE, Ch. SIMMS

This appears to be the Capt. John Jackson of Great Falls as his first wife was Rachael Diskin. Rachael died 1763. John Diskin was possibly her father. It would be of interest to know why John had a complaint against the executor of John Diskin's estate. Did Rachael leave children?

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