Person:John Hays (33)

John Hays
m. ABT 1726
  1. Isabella HaysABT 1727 -
  2. John Hays1728 - 1796
  3. William HaysABT 1730 - 1795
  4. James Hays1739/40 - 1817
  5. Robert Hays1742 - 1819
  6. Francis Hays1744 - 1826
  7. Isabel Hays1746 -
  8. Jane Hays1748 -
  9. Mary Hays1750 -
  10. Elizabeth Hays1752 - 1812
m. 16 OCT 1760
  • HJohn Hays1728 - 1796
  • WJane Walker1735-1750 - 1824
m. 13 AUG 1771
Facts and Events
Name John Hays
Gender Male
Birth? 1728 Donegal, Ireland
Marriage 16 OCT 1760 Northampton County, Pennsylvaniato Barbara King
Marriage 13 AUG 1771 Pennsylvaniato Jane Walker
Death? 3 NOV 1796 Meadville, Crawford, Pennsylvania


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This article is for the John Hays who settled in Northampton County, PA. There is considerable confusion over his history, with different genealogists giving his POD as Northampton, Lycoming, or Crawford County, PA. The John Hays of Northampton County was a Revolutionary war soldier. Attempts to establish different lines descending from "a" John Hays to a Revoutionary War ancestor may be the underlying reason for this confusion. All data currently shown here should be consider suspect, at least in terms of whether it is related to the John Hays who settled in Northampton County. Whether he died there or moved elsewhere has not been confirmed.


From:Ancestry Family Trees, JacksFarm

Captain John raised a company ;and marched with it as captain to Philadelphia, in Dec. 1776 and was afterward known as Captain John. He was born in Ireland, and was two years of age when they arrived in theis country. In December 1776 he raised and commanded the company that went from the Irish settlement in answer to Gen. Washington's requisition and was present with it at the battles of Trenton. Brandywine, Germantown, and Princeton. (Egle's History of Penna. Page 978.)
On June 10, 1780, the Supreme Executive Council at Philadelphia appointed John Hays, Jr., Sub, Lieutenant of the County of Northampton vice Philip Bahl resigned (Colonial Records, Volume 12, Page 384).
Col. Robert Lewis, the Lieutenant of Northampton County, refers to him as Col. Hays in two letters to President Reed, written from Easton and dated July 6th, and October 2nd, 1781; (Penna. Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. 3, Page 496, also Penna. Archives, 1st series, Vol. 9, Pages 426 - 428. Penna. Archives 2nd series, Vol. 3, Page 496, Vol. 14, Page 594. Egle's History of Penna. Page 976.
After the war, Captain John resided in the settlement, engaged in milling, tanning and farming, etc. The Moravians wishing to exchange a large tract of land, in what is now Crawford County, for the property on which he lived, and wishing a property large enough to locate his family near each other, he undertook in company with his son William, a journey on ;horse - back to examine the property. While engaged in that work, he became overheated and drinking to much water from a spring he sickened and died at Meadville, Penna.,

Note 2

From History of Lycoming County edited by John F. Meginness, 1892

JOHN AND JANE HAYS emigrated from West Donegal, Ireland, in 1732 and settled in Northampton county, Pennsylvania, where the former died, November 16, 1789; the latter died in 1806 in Northumberland county. They were the parents of nine children; John; William; Robert; James; Francis; Jane; Isabella; Mary, and Elizabeth. All of the sons except William, who died young, were Revolutionary soldiers, and it is said that two of them were detailed to keep up the camp fires while Washington surprised the British at Princeton.
John was the only one who remained at the original Irish settlement in Northampton county. He raised a company and marched with it to Philadelphia in 1776, and was afterwards known as Capt. John Hays. He was born in Ireland and came to America with his parents when two years old. He was married, October 16, 1760, to Barbara King, who died, August 11, 1770, leaving five children: Mary; John; James; Jane, and Elizabeth.
Captain Hays was again married, August 13, 1771, to Jane Walker, who died, December 15, 1825, leaving ten children: Ann; William, Isabella; Robert; Thomas; Richard; Samuel; Mary; Joseph, and Rebecca. Of these, William served four years in the State Senate, was associate judge of Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, and died in 1846, leaving seven children: John; Robert; Richard, Henry; Charles; William, and Jane. Robert, the second son of Captain Hays; died in Bellefonte, February 15, 1843, where he followed tanning for many years. He was the father of three children: William; Alfred, and Ellen. Thomas, the third on of Captain Hays, engaged in the manufacture of hats in Williamsport, and served as sheriff, prothonotary, treasurer, and register and recorder of Lycoming county. He married a sister of the late Judge Huston, and died in 1846, leaving eight children: Thomas; William; Charles; Jane; Mary; Sarah; Martha, and Isabella. Richard, the fourth son of Captain Hays, was for years engaged with his brother Thomas in the manufacture of hats in Williamsport, and finally purchased and settled on a farm in Lycoming township, where he served as a justice of the peace for twenty years. He married Christiana Ralston, and died, October 8, 1856, leaving four children: J. Ralston; Jane; Marian, and Isabella. Samuel, the fifth son of Captain Hays, settled in Erie, where he followed tanning and died, May 27, 1850, leaving five children: William; John W.; Jane; Catherine, and Maria. Joseph, the sixth son of Captain Hays, died in Northampton county, March 30, 1795. Captain Hays died at Meadville, Pennsylvania, November 3, 1796.
John Hays, son of Captain John and Barbara (King) Hays, married Jane Horner, May 21, 1795, and soon after purchased land of his father in Lycoming county. They came to their future home in a wagon, and erected a cabin where their son, John K., was born. John Hays served as sheriff of Lycoming county in 1807, and died, October 9, 1821, followed by his widow, September 23, 1824. Their only child, John K. Hays, received such educational advantages as the times afforded. March 1, 1827, he married Jane Hays, who died, November 6, leaving two children: Jane and John Walker. May 31, 1832, Mr. Hays was again married, to Martha Grier, who died, April 8, 1867, leaving three children: James G. Martha Ann, and Henrietta. Mr. Hays was married a third time, September 24, 1868, to Mrs. Jane H. Teas, who died, November 25, 4875, followed by Mr. Hays, March 11, 1878.