Person:John Gunn (5)

m. 22 Jan 1678/79
  1. Thomas Gunn1679 - 1744
  2. Captain John Gunn1682 - 1748
  3. Mary Gunn1684/85 - 1746/47
  4. Daniel Gunn, Sr1686/87 - Aft 1747/48
  5. Mercy Gunn1691/92 - 1758
  6. Daughter Gunn1691/92 - 1691/92
  7. Aaron Gunn1694 - 1752
m. 2 Dec 1709
  1. Ann GunnAbt 1721 - 1734
  2. Reuben Gunn1726 -
Facts and Events
Name Captain John Gunn
Gender Male
Birth[1][3] 5 May 1682 Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States
Christening[1] 1683 Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 2 Dec 1709 Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United Statesto Elizabeth Moseley
Death[5] 26 Apr 1748 Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States
Burial[4][5] Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United StatesMechanic Street Cemetery (Old Burying Ground)

From the Westfield Genealogical Records Series, Baptisms, 1679-1836, Vol 2, Part 1. It appears that this 3rd generation Puritan, had black "servants." This was apparently not uncommon at the time. With respect to the Gunn surname, in western Massachusetts today there are black families named Gunn, particularly around Pittsfield. Here is what we have from the baptismal records:

May 26, 1728 Coffee Primey, child of "negro servants" of Ensign John Gunn.
March 25, 1733 Geney "negro .... _____Gunn
Nov 23, 1735 Prince servant Capt. Jno Gunn

"Chattel slavery existed under the Province laws; and not only was property in human beings recognized by that code, but manumission was trammeled by the requirement of a bond from the master that the freedman should never become a public charge "by reason of sickness, lameness, or any other incapacity." History of Pittsfield, p. 137

In 1636, the same year as the Pequot War, captured Native Americans were shipped to the West Indies and traded for African slaves. On the positive side, Massachusetts became one of the first states to end slavery in 1783.

John Gunn was a commissioned officer of Westfield, an Ensign and later a Captain, and was involved in the Indian wars of the time.

George Sheldon. A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts (Greenfield, Massachusetts: Press of E. A. Hall & Co., 1895), Vol. I, p. 403, we have the following reference: "Dec. 17th [1723], Capt. John Ashley, Lieut. John Root, Ens. John Gunn, commissioned officers of Westfield, write the Governor that Hezikiah Phelps is enlising a company of English Indians to go out against the Indian Rebels." Nothing came of these movements.

Offices held:
Selectman 1719, 21, 23, 26, 28-31, 38, 39
Town Clerk 1715-31
Captain in the militia
He was a farmer
At the time of his last Will and Testament in 1747/8 he had four African-American slaves: Primus, Prince, Ginny and Cloe
He sided with the Silver Bank supporters in 1740 (See a history of the Silver Banks)

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    [Note: So far, unable to access original church records. Unclear what original date said. Snippet of Edward Taylor's "Church records," and related sermons, says On 17th of 4th month (17 Jun) Mary Gun "entred under the Watch of the Church", so possibly 27 Jun?]

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    Here lies Interr'd
    The Body of Capt
    John Gun who
    departed this life
    April the 26, 1748
    in the 66th year
    of his age.

  5. 5.0 5.1 Find A Grave: Old Burying Ground, Westfield, MA, in Find A Grave
    Capt. John Gunn.

    Tombstone shown (top portion only)
    [Note: the information on the memorial page gives a different death year, 1749. However, it also gives an inscription exactly matching the above cited one.]

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