Person:John Fuller (95)

John Fuller 1620
m. bef 1610
  1. William Fuller1610 - 1693
  2. John Fuller1620 - 1666
m. bef 1644
  1. James Fuller1644 - 1725
  2. John Fuller1646 - bet 1719
  3. William Fullerest 1648 -
  4. Susanna Fuller1650 - 1707
  5. Elizabeth Fullerest 1654 - 1715
  6. Thomas Fullerest 1656 - bef 1689
  7. Sarah Fullerest 1660 - 1739
  8. Sergeant Joseph Fullerest 1662 - 1731
  9. Nathaniel Fullerest 1664 - bef 1719
  10. Mary Fulleraft 1666 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] John Fuller
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] cal 1620
Residence[1] 1635 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Emigration[1] 1635 On the Abigail.
Marriage bef 1644 to Elizabeth Emerson
Will[1] bef 4 Jun 1666 Undated; before date of death.
Death[1][2] 4 Jun 1666 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Estate Inventory[1] 29 Jun 1666 £344 17s., of which £210 was real estate.
Probate[3] 25 Sep 1666 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesWill proved.
Estate Inventory[1] 31 Dec 1672 £227 17s. 5d., of which £193 5s. was real estate.

His life is sparsely documented except for several lawsuits [EQC 1:333-34, 2:1, 5, 21-22, 126-27, 144-45, 184-85, 199-202, 355-56].[1]


John died June 4, 1666, leaving wife and children; William, John, James, Thomas, Nathaniel, Joseph, and daughters, Susanna, Elizabeth, Mary.

The following are extracts from his will, filed September 25, 1666 by Mr. William Hubbard Jr and Symon Thompson.

I give to my son John twenty pounds.

To son William five shillings when he is of age; to him and his brother John I bequeath no more because their uncle hath undertaken to give sufficient portions. To my daughters Susanna and Elizabeth I give ten shillings apiece at the day of their marriage, or when they are 20 yrs of age; to whom also I give no more because their grandfather (Thomas Emerson) hath lately given them portions.

I make my wife and my son James executors but in case my wife shall marry; my will is that James shall have the disposing of my whole estate; until his other brother come of age. Son James shall pay his mother seven pounds a year during the time of her natural life, or else suffer her to enjoy thirds.

My estate to be divided into seven equal parts, and as much as one seventh part amounts shall be paid by my said executors to each of my children not already mentioned, viz. Thomas, Nathaniel, Joseph, Sarah and yet which is to be born, after they come of age, and my son James to enjoy the remainder to himself.

I desire the Honbl Mr Symonds and Major Denison would be overseers of this my last will.[3]

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    ORIGIN: Unknown [The Will of William Fuller, locksmith, Chelmsford, Co. Essex, establishes that place as the origin of William and John Fuller; Anderson apparently was not aware of the will while editing this volume].
    BIRTH: About 1620 (aged 15 in 1635 [Hotten 73]; deposed 10 May 1660 "aged about thirty-nine years" [EQC 2:199]).
    A John Fuller received land in the first division at Salisbury in 1640 and 1641, and Hoyt thought that these grants were made to the Ipswich man [Hoyt 170-71]. There is no other evidence that the subject of this sketch resided in Salisbury, but his life is so sparsely documented that this is certainly possible.
    John Fuller did not become a freeman, and probably was not a member of the Ipswich church.

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    John Fuller was one of Gen. Denison's subscribers in 1648, surveyor 1663, commoner 1664; he married Elisabeth, daughter of Tho: Emerson; He possessed land near Rocky Hill.

  5.   See: Descendants of William Fuller. NOTE: Pay site, not accessible to non-members.
The Abigail (1635)
The Abigail sailed in the summer of 1635.
Sailed: summer 1635 from England under Master H. Hackwell
Arrived: late summer? 1635 at New England

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