Person:John Cox (128)

John Cox
m. 19 Apr 1826
  1. John Cox1827 - 1891
  2. Elizabeth Cox1829 - 1902
  3. Ann Cox1830 - 1832
  4. Thomas Cox1832 - 1884
  5. Emma Sophia Cox1833 - 1834
  6. Mary Cox1835 - 1908
  7. Catherine Cox1837 - 1933
  8. William Cox1838 - 1917
  9. Matthew Cox1840 - 1915
  10. Josiah Cox1843 - 1912
  11. Sophia Cox1844 - 1915
  • HJohn Cox1827 - 1891
  • WSarah Foxabt 1825 - 1919
m. 1856
  1. Catherine Cox1857 -
  2. Lucy Cox1859 - 1940
  3. Mary Cox1861 - 1864
  4. William Cox1862 -
  5. Sarah Cox1867 -
  6. Elizabeth Cox1869 -
Facts and Events
Name John Cox
Gender Male
Christening[1] 27 May 1827 Barnack, Northamptonshire, EnglandSt John the Baptist
Census[2] 6 Jun 1841 Barnack, Northamptonshire, England
Census[3] 30 Mar 1851 Barnack, Northamptonshire, England
Marriage 1856 Cornwall, Englandto Sarah Fox
Census[4] 7 Apr 1861 St. Mellion, Cornwall, EnglandNewton
Census[5] 2 Apr 1871 St. Ewe, Cornwall, EnglandPengruglar
Census[6] 3 Apr 1881 St. Ewe, Cornwall, EnglandPengruglar
Census[7] 5 Apr 1891 St. Ewe, Cornwall, EnglandPengrugla
Death[8][9] 24 Dec 1891 St. Ewe, Cornwall, England


John Cox was born in the parish of Barnack, Northamptonshire, where he was baptised on 27th May 1827. He was the eldest child of a couple named William Cox and Catherine Mason, who had married at Barnack the previous year. William Cox was a blacksmith and farmer of 95 acres, whilst Catherine was a dressmaker. John was the first of eleven children, although two of his siblings died young. John was seventeen by the time his youngest sibling, Sophia, was born. John grew up in Barnack, appearing there in both the 1841 and 1851 censuses living with his parents, siblings and his paternal grandmother.


Some time between 1851 and 1856 John left Barnack, and moved over 250 miles away to Cornwall. In 1856, aged 29, he was married in Cornwall to a Sarah Fox, who had also moved a long way, being originally from Derby. They went on to have six children together. The first five children were born in the parish of St Mellion, just north of the town of Saltash. The 1861 census finds the family living at Newton in the parish of St Mellion, with John working as a gamekeeper.

John was not the only one of his family who moved to Cornwall. He was followed by his younger brothers William and Josiah, who were both married in Cornwall in the late 1860s and also worked as gamekeepers.

John remained a gamekeeper for the rest of his life. Some time between 1867 and 1869 the family moved within Cornwall to the parish of St Ewe, where they lived in the hamlet of Pengrugla, adjoining the Heligan estate, seat of the wealthy Tremayne family, which is presumably where John worked. John remained at Pengrugla for the rest of his life, dying there on Christmas Eve 1891, aged 64. He left a relatively substantial estate of £1151 11s 11d. After John's death, his widow Sarah and son William were sufficiently well off not to have to work, both describing themselves as 'living on own means' in the 1901 census.

  1. Baptisms register, in Church of England. Parish Church of Barnack (Northamptonshire). Parish registers, 1695-1974. (Northampton: Northamptonshire County Record Office), Primary quality.
    No.DateNameParentsSurnameAbodeFather's occupation
    33527 May 1827JohnWilliam & CatherineCoxBarnackBlacksmith
  2. General Register Office. The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) HO 107/1-1465 Census Returns: 1841 Census Schedules, HO107/815/2/10/15, 6 Jun 1841, Primary quality.
    AddressBarnack, Northamptonshire
    NameSexAge*Implied birthdateOccupationBorn in county?
    William Coxmale391801/2BlacksmithY
    Catherine Coxfemale381802/3Y
    John Coxmale141826/7Y
    Elizabeth Coxfemale121828/9Y
    Thomas Coxmale91831/2Y
    Mary Coxfemale61834/5Y
    Catherine Coxfemale41836/7Y
    William Coxmale21838/9Y
    Matthew Coxmale11839/40Y
    Luke Broommale181822/3J. BlacksmithY
    Catherine Coxfemale681772/3IndY
    *Age was supposed to be rounded down to the next multiple of five for everyone over 15.
  3. General Register Office. The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) HO 107/1466-2531 Census Returns: 1851 Census Schedules, HO107/2094/484/3, 30 Mar 1851, Primary quality.
    AddressBarnack, Northamptonshire
    NameRelation to headMarital statusSexAgeImplied birthdateOccupationBirthplace
    William Coxheadmarriedmale491801/2Farmer of 95 AcresBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Catherine Coxwifemarriedfemale471803/4Farmers WifeBarnack, Northamptonshire
    John Coxsonunmarriedmale231827/8Farmers SonBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Elizabeth Coxdaughterunmarriedfemale221828/9DressmakerBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Mary Coxdaughterunmarriedfemale161834/5Farmers DaughterBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Catherine Coxdaughterfemale141836/7Farmers DaughterBarnack, Northamptonshire
    William Coxsonmale121838/9Farmers SonBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Matthew Coxsonmale111839/40Farmers SonBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Josiah Coxsonmale81842/3ScholarBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Sophia Coxdaughterfemale61844/5ScholarBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Catherine Coxmotherwidowfemale771773/4Barnack, Northamptonshire
  4. General Register Office. The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) RG 9 General Register Office: 1861 Census Schedules, RG9/1525/51/9, 7 Apr 1861, Primary quality.
    AddressNewton, St Mellion, Cornwall
    NameRelation to headMarital statusSexAgeImplied birthdateOccupationBirthplace
    John Coxheadmarriedmale331827/8GamekeeperBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Sarah Coxwifemarriedfemale351825/6Derby
    Catherine Coxdaughterunmarriedfemale31857/8St Mellion, Cornwall
    Lucy Coxdaughterunmarriedfemale21858/9St Mellion, Cornwall
    Mary Coxdaughterfemale2mo1861St Mellion, Cornwall
  5. General Register Office. The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) RG 10 General Register Office: 1871 Census Schedules, RG10/2269/10/12 & RG10/2269/11/13, 2 Apr 1871, Primary quality.
    AddressPengruglar, St Ewe, Cornwall
    NameRelation to headMarital statusSexAgeImplied birthdateOccupationBirthplace
    John Coxheadmarriedmale421828/9GamekeeperBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Sarah Coxwifemarriedfemale451825/6Derby, Derbyshire
    Catherine Coxdaughterfemale131857/8ScholarSt Mellion, Cornwall
    Lucy Coxdaughterfemale111859/60ScholarSt Mellion, Cornwall
    William Coxsonmale81862/3ScholarSt Mellion, Cornwall
    Sarrah Coxdaughterfemale41866/7ScholarSt Mellion, Cornwall
    Elizabeth Coxdaughterfemale21868/9St Ewe, Cornwall
  6. General Register Office. Public Record Office (PRO) RG 11 General Register Office: 1881 Census Schedules. (The National Archives), RG11/2304/76/10, 3 Apr 1881, Primary quality.
    AddressPengruglar, St Ewe, Cornwall
    NameRelation to headMarital statusSexAgeImplied birthdateOccupationBirthplace
    John Coxheadmarriedmale521828/9GamekeeperBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Sarah Coxwifemarriedfemale561824/5Derby, Derbyshire
    William Coxsonunmarriedmale181862/3GamekeeperSt Mellion, Cornwall
    Sarah Coxdaughterfemale141866/7ScholarSt Mellion, Cornwall
    Elizabeth Coxdaughterfemale121868/9ScholarSt Ewe, Cornwall
  7. General Register Office. The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) RG 12 General Register Office: 1891 Census Schedules, RG12/1824/62/10, 5 Apr 1891, Primary quality.
    AddressPengrugla, St Ewe, Cornwall
    Rooms occupied5 or more
    NameRelation to headMarital statusSexAgeImplied birthdateOccupationStatusBirthplace
    John Coxheadmarriedmale611829/30GamekeeperemployedBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Sarah Coxwifemarriedfemale631827/8Derby
    Elizabeth Coxdaughtersinglefemale221868/9St Ewe, Cornwall
  8. Deaths index, in General Register Office. England and Wales Civil Registration. (London: General Register Office), Primary quality.

    d. John COX, December Quarter 1891, St Austell Registration District, Vol. 5c, page 90, aged 64 [1826/7]

  9. England & Wales. National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1858 onwards, Primary quality.

    COX John of Pengrugla St. Ewe Cornwall gamekeeper died 24 December 1891 Administration Bodmin 14 January to Sarah Cox widow Effects £1151 11s. 11d.