Person:John Carpenter (140)

John The Younger Carpenter
m. ABT 1545
  1. James CarpenterABT 1538 - AFT 1588
  2. John The Elder CarpenterAbt 1538 - Aft 1572
  3. William Carpenter1540 - 1659
  4. John The Younger CarpenterABT 1546 - 1587
  5. Alexander Carpenter1546 - aft 1613
  • HJohn The Younger CarpenterABT 1546 - 1587
  • WAnnABT 1546 -
  1. Thomas CarpenterABT 1568 -
  2. John CarpenterABT 1570 -
  3. Maude CarpenterABT 1573 -
  4. Richard or Richardus CarpenterABT 1576 -
Facts and Events
Name John The Younger Carpenter
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1546 Dilwyn,Hereford,England
Marriage Kinnersley,Hereford,Englandto Ann
Death? 1587 Kinnersley,Hereford,England

!Child per Harry Rogers. DEATH: Possibly died in Wedmore, Somerset, England about 1587?

WILL: The will of this John - John Carpenter (the younger) of Kinnersley, Hereford - who died in 1587 indicates: "First I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God and my body to be buried in Christian burial and as touching the distribution of my goods I do here ordain, first I give and bequeath 2 oxen viz; Sparte and Brinne and two acres of Rye to the payment of the legacies I owe to the children of Richard Baldwyne. Item: I give to John my sonne, one acre of rye. Item: To Richard my sonne one acre of rye. Item: To Joan Frysor one acre of rye, I give to Maude the base daughter of my sonn Thomas, one acre of rye and one of oats. Item: I give to Maude my daughter one cow, the bed that I lie on and all the furnishings and appurttments of the same, my best pot, my best pan, 5 pieces of pewter, one candlestick, a qaurt pot, a brandyarme, a brooch and one skillot. Item: I give to Eleanor Carpenter the pot that was my brother James pot. Item: I give to Isabell Frysor my brown pan. Item: I give to Maude the base daughter of Thomas my sonne, one cauldron, one canvas and one pair of sheets. Item: I give to Joanne Frysor one canvas. All the rest of my bedding I give to Maude my daughter and all my treene (possibly towne?) stuffe. Item: I give all my tools to be equally divided between John Carpenter, Richard Carpenter my sonnes, Roger Walls and Richard Walls. Item: I give to Richard Baldwyne one acre of oats. I give to the repairing of the Church of Kinnersley 12d, all the rest of my goods, the charges of my funerales the ordinary charges of the executors of my will being paid, my will is that they be equally divided between my children and the base daughter of Thomas my son, I make Thomas Carpenter, Parson of Kynnersley and John Carpenter my son executor of this my will and testament."

A note takes from Maude a bequest and gives to Isabel Fryssor. Base daughter of Thomas - ie a foundling child and adopted by Thomas who was named Maude. His son James possibly married Eleanor - or Eleanor Carpenter is a close relative. Richard Balwyne appears to be a close relative and possibly his father-in-law, as he holds bequests for them, which he indicates he (the person writing the will) was an executor to the will (of Richard Baldwyne). The Walls probably were employed by him on the land.

WILL: The will of vicar John Carpenter who died in 1558 indicates ... "I bequeath to Richard, John the younger, James and William the sonnes of William Carpenter, my brother, 20 English sheep, between them." "I bequeath to James Carpenter, my brother's son, my donge wayne and bullock of one years age. I bequeath to John Carpenter his brother a bullock of one years age."

WILL: The will of John Carpenter the elder who died in 1572 made his brother John - John the younger - his executor. "I give pounds which I have in the hands of John Edwards to my brother William ------ land wherin the said John Watkins is bound to the said William." More to brother William and then to brother John. John basiclly gets land in Norton and William gets land in Kinnersley. "All my good unbequeathed I give to Ann my wife." "I do make and ordain John Carpenter my brother executor ---------------- to see this last will and testament truly performed and John Baskerville Esq., William ----------." Witnesses include Thomas Carpenter Clerk (Vicar)