Person:John Ball (1)

John Ball
  1. Caleb BallAbt 1685 - Abt 1748
  2. John Ball1700 - 1776
  • HJohn Ball1700 - 1776
  1. John Ball1720 - Abt 1769
  2. Moses BallAbt 1729 -
  3. Samuel Ball1734 - 1810
  4. Daniel Ball1737 -
  5. David Ball
Facts and Events
Name John Ball
Gender Male
Birth? 1700
Marriage to Unknown
Death? 16 Jan 1776 Hanover,Morris,New Jersey,USA

Ref#51: 16 Jan 1776 Will of John BALL qv mentions other chn of his sonJohn dec'd but not Moses. Hanover Church Rec. - "Persons now belonging tothe ch. in 1771who were in the ch. when Mr. Green was settled 1746.Deacon John Ball, Deacon Ball's wife". 10 Nov 1775 Deacons Tuttle & Ballbeing old & inform asked church tochoose 2 more Deacons.

Will: 1776, Jan 16. Ball, John, of Hanover, Morris Co., yeoman; will of.Son, Samuel, land on east side of road joining Phillip vanCourtland,with what he had a deed for on the other side, enough to make 52 acres.Grandson, Ephraim Ball, land on the southeast side of the road, so as tomake40acres. Grandson, John Ball, land along Rebecca Wheeler's line,and he is to payto his sister, Jemima Post, and to his cousin, Phebe,the daughter of his uncle, Moses Ball, deceased, wife of Jesse Price. Mysons, Samuel and Daniel, are to pay to my granddaughter, Phebe, a piece.Son, Daniel, the rest of my 1st and 2ndpurchase. Son, Samuel, 20shillings. Grandson Ephraim, 10 shillings. Son, David, 5 shillings.Executors -- sons Samuel and Daniel. Witnesses -- Mathew Moores, EphraimPrice, John Cook. Proved April 5, 1777.

John Ball, Hanover, w. 1776, had ch. Samuel, John, dec., Daniel, andDavid. John, Jr. w.. 1769, had ch. John,Ephraim, Moses, Abigail, Lucettaand Jemima Post. Moses d. bef. 1776; had Phebewi. Jesse Price.

"of Hanover"

1746-1771 - Hanover, Morris Co., NJ (inchurch since 1746)