Person:Caleb Ball (1)

Caleb Ball
b.Abt 1685 New Jersey,USA
  1. Caleb BallAbt 1685 - Abt 1748
  2. John Ball1700 - 1776
m. Bet 1718 and 1719
  1. Isaiah Ball
  2. Abigail Ball1718 -
  3. Mary Ball1720 -
  4. Ezekiel Ball1721 -
  5. Joshua Ball1723 - 1773
  6. Keziah BallAbt 1723 -
m. Aft 1725
  1. Eleanor Ball
  2. Sarah Ball
  3. Jane Ball1724 -
  4. Caleb Ball1728 -
  5. Lydia Ball1744 - 1815
  6. Anne Ball1745 -
  7. Deborah Ball1747 -
  8. Mathew Ball1748 -
Facts and Events
Name Caleb Ball
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1685 New Jersey,USA
Marriage Bet 1718 and 1719 New Jersey,USAto Elizabeth Peck
Marriage Aft 1725 to Sarah Wallace
Death? Abt 25 Jul 1748 Hanover,Morris County,New Jersey,USA

In the iron business, owned a forge and saw mill Lived north of Newark in1716 in a place called White Brook Moved to Hanover, New Jersey

Ref#175: From Archives of the State of New Jersey, First Series Vol XXX,Vol II of Calendar of Wills, 1730-1750, p.33:

1748, July 25. Ball, Caleb, of Hanover, Morris Co., gentleman; will of.Wife, Sarah. Sons - Isaiah (to have 100 acres bought of Peter Imlay);Joshua (the land he lives on); Caleb (the home-place land on the southside of Forge Pond, and 26 acres adjoining the W. land bought of PeterImlay), and above named sons to have the forge, saw-mill and streamequally; Ezekiel (80 oddacres on both sides of "Wepemy River" where theold saw-mill stood, as appears by deed of Joseph Lindsley); and Mathew.Daughters- Abigail Johnson, Eliner, JanePerry, Mary Bates, Sarah, Lydia,Ann, Deborah, and Keziah Kitchel, deceased (had heirs). Executors- WifeSarah and sons Isaiah, Joshua and Caleb. Witnesses - David Kitchel,Timothy Tuttle, Elijah Gillett. Proved 29 Aug. 1748. Lib. 6, p. 34

Ref#65: If you see the land, Caleb's presence in Hanover makes sense.They moved out from Newark quite a few years after 1666. Records haveCaleb getting property from Edward in 1705. It was in Cranetown near theCrane property. The good land and the iron was over the WatchungMountains in Hanover, and from where Caleb was, it was and easy trip. Aguy who had fourteen kids had to do something.the book "Along theWhippanong" says Caleb arrived in 1710 and set up along what later wascalled Forge Pond and went into the iron business.

Ref#27: No headstones of Caleb Ball Junr or his sons have been found, butthe deaths and agesof some of them have been ascertained from theMorristown Bill of Mortality. The house of Caleb Ball Junr. is mentionedin the County Road Book, as being near "White Brook" (north of Newark) in1716, and that appears from the Long Bill in Chancery, that land, weresurveyed for John Ball in 1724. Joshua and Caleb {thisCaleb's sons} werehalf brothers - Hence Sarah widow of Caleb Junr was a secondwife,married to Caleb Ball not far from 1725.

Ref#169: pg. 35 Caleb Ball arrived in Whippanong from Newark about 1710,traveling on horseback through the densewoods of the Orange Mountains.His arrival coincided with that of Abraham Kitchell, although he did notbecome nearly so prosperous. Ball bought a piece oflad on the south sideof the main road to Florham Park, bounding Kitchell's propertyon thewest and John Canfield's on the south. The parcels owned by Ball andCanfield, totaling 450 acres, were purchased from a firm of New Yorkspeculators. About five years later, the owners were obliged to obtainconfirmatory grantsfrom the West Jersey proprietors. Ball became ownerof one-sixth of the "Old Iron Works," the common name for the Budd-Fordforge. In 1748, this share went to Ball'sson, Joshua, who transfered itto his brother, Caleb for Ð80. pg. 51 Was appointed Collector andFreeholder by the County Court for Hanover Township. pg.73 In 1748Joshua Ball of Hanover: "for and in consideration of eighty pounds oflawfulmoney of New Jersey sold to his brother, Caleb Ball, also ofHanover, bloomer, a one equal sixth part of the Old Iron Works inHanover, along with the one equal sixth part of the saw mill adjoiningtogether with land, stream, dam, houses, cole house." This share in theIron Works had previously belonged to Caleb Ball Sr. {2nd Caleb}, who hadarrived in the village about 1710.

Ref#186: pg. 39. "For the township of Hanover the Court chose... CalebBall, collector... ...Caleb Ball, freeholder... As were those appointedfor Morris Township, all were English."

Ref#223: Amos Williams, Amos Johnson and John Johnson were living on theSwinefield road, near the foot of the Mountain. The home of ** Caleb Ball** was also in this vicinity, adjoining the farm of Azariah Crane, theforebear of Cranetown, now Montclair, on the north.