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Jediah Ashcraft
m. abt 1723
  1. Ephraim Ashcraftabt 1724 - 1791
  2. Richard Ashcraft
  3. Jediah Ashcraftabt 1735 - 1794
  4. Daniel Ashcroft1736 - 1774
  5. Ichabod Ashcraftabt 1737 - 1803
  6. John Ashcraft1737 - between 1832
  7. Jacob Ashcraft
  8. Elizabeth Ashcroft1739 -
  9. Richard Ashcraft (3)abt 1740 - 1792
  10. Felix Ashcraft
  11. Rachel Ashcroft1741 -
  12. Margaret Ashcroft1743 -
m. bef 1766
  1. Elizabeth Friend Ashcraftabt 1766 - aft 1820
  2. Daniel Ashcraft1768 - 1849
  3. Mary Ashcraftabt 1772 -
  4. Susannah Ashcraftabt 1773 - 1839
  5. John W. Ashcraft1779 - 1846
  6. Nancy Ashcraftabt 1780 - bef 1805
  7. Eleanor Ashcraftabt 1782 - bef 1806
  8. Jacob Ashcraftabt 1785 - 1829
Facts and Events
Name Jediah Ashcraft
Alt Name Jedidiah Ashcraft
Gender Male
Birth[3] abt 1735 Bucks County?, Pennsylvania(but grew up in the Sleepy Creek area of western Maryland)
Marriage bef 1766 Fayette County, Pennsylvania(?)(at this date, southwest Pennsylvania was considered part of Virginia, but no marriage record has been located in the surviving records of Yohogania County)
to Nancy Ann Friend
Property[3] 8 Aug 1781 Hardin County, KentuckyPurchased 400 A.
Property[3] 1 Jul 1783 Linn Camp Creek, Hardin County, KentuckyPurchased 200 A.
Property[3] 1 Jul 1783 Middle Creek Survey, Hardin County, KentuckyPurchased 200 A.
Property[3] 6 Oct 1783 Middle Creek Survey(?), Hardin County, KentuckyPurchased 200 A.
Property[3] 6 Jul 1784 Bear Creek Survey, Hardin County, KentuckyPurchased 200 A.
Property[3] 18 Dec 1784 Bear Creek Survey, Hardin County, KentuckyPurchased 1,276 A.
Will[2] 19 Apr 1793 Hardin County, Kentucky
Death[3] 1794 Hardin County, KentuckyKilled by Indians while crossing Clifty Hollow
Burial[3] Probably buried nearby at an unknown site, but near Big Clifty Bridge, now in Grayson County

About Jediah Ashcraft

NOTE: He appears always to have preferred the spelling "Jediah," which may (or may not) have been a variation on "Jedediah."

On 18 May 1775, he was appointed by the court (with Daniel Steel) to oversee the building of a road from Shuttes Creek to Devors Ferry on the Monongahela; he also was appointed a constable. In Dec 1775, he signed the petition opposing the formation of Transylvania. About 1778-79, he was serving as sheriff of Yohogania County, Virginia, in what is now southwest Pennsylvania. Shortly after this, he served as one of Col. George Rogers Clark's "Long Knives" in Virginia's Northwest Expedition, 1778-79 (as did several other residents of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania). Jediah moved by flatboat down the Ohio (in company with a party of friends and in-laws) to Hardin Co., Kentucky, in the winter of 1779-80 and settled at Philips Fort (near Hodgenville in present-day Larue County), where they were among the earliest settlers. About a year later, they continued down the river to the Falls (now the site of Louisville), where they dismantled the boat and built a house from the lumber. (pp. 478-79)S3

For the period 28 Oct to 25 Nov 1782, Jediah appears on the Pay Roll of a "Detachment of Jefferson County Militia under the Command of Andrew Hynes in actual Service on an Expedition against the Indians."

The record includes: Jediah Ashcraft, private, entered service 28 Oct 1782, discharged 25 Nov 1782, in service 36 days, paid £2/8/0.S4

2 Apr 1783: "Unto George Rogers Clark in trust for recruiting his battalion and in lieu of the bounty of Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollars is granted by the said Commonwealth of Virginia unto Jediah Ashcraft a certain track [sic] or Parcel of land containing Five Hundred and Sixty acres by survey bearing the date of March 1, 1783 and lying and being in the County of Jefferson [ie, Kentucky], on the North Branch of Ashcraft Creek waters of Rough Creek, being the first south branch below Little Clifty.
[signed] Patrick Henry, Governor. April 2, 1783."

This was Land Office treasury warrant #295.S3

On 2 Dec 1785, Jediah received a warrant in Jefferson County, on "Nolelinn" [Nolin] Creek, adjacent to Rawley Martin's land. (At the same time, Shepherd Gum also received a grant on Nolelinn Creek "adjoining Jodiah Ashcraft."S3

He appears on the Nelson County tax list for 1785:
Tithables on Green River, easterly of Nolin:
      Ashcraft, Jediah - 2
      Ashcraft, Daniel (son) - 0S5

In 1800, his widow, Ann, was taxed for 100 acres on Nolin Creek first entered in the name of "Jediah Ashcraft."S5

On 27 Oct 1788, he apparently stood bond for a friend's marriage, but the details are not known.S3

Estate Records

The Last Will and Testament of Jediah Ashcraft Deceased was produced in Court by the oath of John O'Daniel one of the subscribing Witnesses thereto and ordered today for further proof. On the motion of Ann Ashcraft, Executrix therein named who made oath thereto and together with Edward and William Brounfeele her securities who entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of 500 [?] Pounds as the Law directs Certificate is granted ___ for obtaining a probate in due form.
Ordered that Ison Entaro, Isaac Larue, Joseph __patrick and Zepheniah Bebe [?] or any three of them being first sworn do appraise in Currant money the Estate of Jediah Ashcraft Deceased and return an Inventory and appraisement thereof to the next Court.
Image Gallery
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