Person:Daniel Ashcraft (6)

Daniel Ashcraft
m. bef 1766
  1. Elizabeth Friend Ashcraftabt 1766 - aft 1820
  2. Daniel Ashcraft1768 - 1849
  3. Mary Ashcraftabt 1772 -
  4. Susannah Ashcraftabt 1773 - 1839
  5. John W. Ashcraft1779 - 1846
  6. Nancy Ashcraftabt 1780 - bef 1805
  7. Eleanor Ashcraftabt 1782 - bef 1806
  8. Jacob Ashcraftabt 1785 - 1829
  • HDaniel Ashcraft1768 - 1849
  • WSarah Dye1755 - 1845
m. 27 Oct 1793
Facts and Events
Name[1] Daniel Ashcraft
Gender Male
Birth[1][4] 13 Mar 1768 Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 27 Oct 1793 Hardin County, Kentuckyto Sarah Dye
Death[1] 5 Jun 1849 Richland County, Illinois
Burial[4] Stolz Cemetery, Richland County, Illinois

He settled with his family at the mouth of Bear Grass Creek, near Louisville, Jan 1780, was at Philips Fort with his father, c1784.S1

Aschraft, Daniel (W23466)S5

Summary of several affidavits and declarations:

Born 13 Mar 1768 Pennsylvania, raised in the Sleepy Creek neighborhood of Virginia. Settled in Jan 1780 with his family at the mouth of Bear Grass Creek, near Louisville. His father, three uncles and an aunt were killed by Indians [no names given]. He volunteered 1 Apr 1781 for service and served five months as a guard and Indian spy under Capt. John Ventress and Col. Patrick Brown. He volunteered again in 1782 and served four months under Capt. Joseph Friend [related to his mother?] and Col. John Butler, and fought Indians on the Tennessee River. He enlisted again in 1783, served under Capt. Ballard, Capt. David Caldwell, and Col. John Hardin for a total of five months, engaging in an Indian fight near the Ohio River. He served against the Indians again in 1788 near the Ohio settlement[?] and was wounded in the thigh and shoulder [no officers named].

He remained in Kentucky after the war, settling in Grayson County about 1798. He married Sarah Dye, 18 Oct 1793 in Hardin County. She had been wounded in the leg at the same time he was wounded.

Allowed a pension [amount unspecified] as of Feb 1833 in Grayson County. Moved his family to Lawrence County, Illinois, in Feb 1840 "because his sons lived there." He died in Lawrence Cunty, 6 Jun 1842. His widow, Sally [Sarah], received a pension as of Jun 1844 in Richland County, Illinois.

The family record sheets from his family Bible are included in the file and list the following children & relationships [reorganized here; my additions are bracketed]: Jedidiah Ashcraft (b. 12 Dec 1795 [Hardin County?, Kentucky]) m. Anna ______ (b. 29 Oct 1797), 10 Feb 1820 [Grayson County, Kentucky] Sarah Ann Ashcraft (b. 3 Oct 1820) Elizabeth Ashcraft (b. 6 Feb 1822[?]) Hannah Ashcraft (b. 12 Nov 1797 [Hardin County?, Kentucky]) James Ashcraft (b. 14 Jul 1800 [Grayson County, Kentucky]) Isaac Ashcraft (b. 22 Nov 1802 [Grayson County, Kentucky] m. Polly ______ [Petty?], 1831[?] [Grayson County, Kentucky]) Sally Ellen Ashcraft (b. 4 Apr 1832) Rebecca Petty Ashcraft (b. 12 Feb 1836) Amanda Jane Ashcraft (b. 1 Jul 1838) Eleanor Ashcraft (b. 22 Oct 1806 [Grayson County, Kentucky]) Amelia Ashcraft (b. 25 Sep 1808 [Grayson County, Kentucky]) m. Thomas J. Ray (b. 8 jan 1812), 20 Oct 1833 [Grayson County, Kentucky] Louisa Ann Ashcraft (b. 10 Mar 1811 [Grayson County, Kentucky]) m. Thomas Williams, 30 Apr 1840 [Grayson County, Kentucky] Amelia R. Williams (b. 14 Mar 1841) John Ashcraft (b. 24 Jan 1814 [Grayson County, Kentucky])

He appears with his father on the Nelson County, Kentucky, tax list for 1785:S2
Tithables on Green River, easterly of Nolin:
      Ashcraft, Jediah - 2       Ashcraft, Daniel (son) - 0

13 Aug 1799: Heirs of Isaac Dye -- Hannah Dye (relict), Job Dye, James Dye, Daniel Ashcraft & wife Sarah [Dye], Nelly Dye, and Milly Dye, sold to John Frakes for £20, 100 A. on the north side of Rolling Fork, adjacent to Chambers & Harbison. Sold by Dye in his lifetime to Samuel Randall and assigned to John Frakes. Hardin County Commissioners signed for the infant heirs.S3

Also 13 Aug 1799: Heirs of Isaac Dye -- Hannah Dye (relict), Job Dye, James Dye, Daniel Ashcraft & wife Sally [Dye], Nelly Dye, & Milly Dye, all of Hardin County, sell to Alexander Vanwinkle for £20, 140 A. on the north side of Rolling Fork, adjacent to Chambers.S3

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