Person:James Taylor (265)

James William Taylor
m. 21 May 1874
  1. James William Taylor1875 - 1876
  2. Aurie Edna Taylor1876 - 1949
  3. George Alexander Taylor1878 - 1935
  4. Myrtle Sarah Taylor1880 - 1944
  5. Robert Lincoln Taylor1881 - 1947
  6. Fred Wilson Taylor1883 - 1960
Facts and Events
Name[1] James William Taylor
Alt Name[2] Willie Taylor
Alt Name[2][3] J W Taylor
Gender Male
Birth[4][2][5] 1 Apr 1875 Buffalo Twp, Cloud Co, KansasOriginal Homestead - See Fact Note
Alt Birth[3] Buffalo Twp, Cloud Co, Kansas3/12 yr old on 03/01/1875 in 1875 census (if instructions were followed)
Residence[3] 1875 Buffalo Twp, Cloud Co, Kansas1/4 (yr?) old JW. Record date is supposed to be 03/01/1875, so Dec 1874
Death[4][2] 9 Sep 1876 Buffalo Twp, Cloud Co, Kansas
Burial[1][2] Sep 1876 Fairview Cemetery, Cloud Co, Kansas
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    J. W. (Willie) Taylor, 04/01/1875 - 09/09/1876

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  5. The age and date of birth of JW per his headstone are subject to some question.

    Headstone: 04/01/1875
    Census 3 mos old on 03/01/1875 = 12/01/1874

    The 1875 census taker listed him as 3/12 year old. The census was supposed to include people in a household as of Mar 1 of that year and show their age at last birthday. If under one year, then how many months old they were (presumably at Mar 1). This would make his date of birth generally from 11/16/1874 to 12/15/1874. However the tombstone shows 04/01/1875 as his date of birth. If he was born 04/01/1875, we wasn't supposed to be included in the census (if KS rules were the same as Federal rules.)

    The tombstone is of the same type and style as his parents, so it probably wasn't purchased and erected until his dad's stone was erected, by one of their children about 30 years later. Perhaps the person who ordered the stone guessed at his date of birth? Perhaps the census taker came by on 07/01/1875 and counted how old he was on the day he stopped by?

    Another possibility is that Ed and Hulda may have hidden an earlier birth date than 03/01/1875, from the rest of their children, as that would have indicated a birth prior to their nine month wedding anniversary. 04/01/1875 gives a 10 month period for pregnancy.