Person:James Dugger (2)

m. 1 Mar 1792
  1. Joseph Dugger1784 - 1830
  2. Anne B Dugger1792 - After 1830
  3. Henry Dugger1799 - After 1860
  4. Armon Dugger1799 - After 1850
  5. Ermine DuggerABT 1800 -
  6. James Dugger1800 - After 1817
  7. Sterling Dugger1804 - 1850
  8. John Dugger1806 - After 1850
Facts and Events
Name James Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? 1800/1810 Brunswick, Virginia, United States
Death? After May 1817 Brunswick, Virginia, United States

James Dugger was born ca 1800/10 in Brunswick Co, VA. He is a proven son of Henry and Armon Dugger.

James Dugger was apparently home with his widowed mother Armon on the 1810 Brunswick Co, VA census.

James Dugger was named in the August 1816 Court record dividing his father Henry Dugger's estate. (Brunswick Co, VA Order Book 27 page 142).

James Dugger was named in the May 1817 Court record dividing his father Henry Dugger's estate. (Brunswick Co, VA Order Book 27 page 304).

James Dugger was not listed on the 1820 census. He may have been with his brother Joseph Dugger in 1820 Williamson Co, TN. Joseph had two extra males with him then age 16-25 (c1794/1804). One of these might be James. Then again, he may have been back in Brunswick Co, VA then wherever his mother was that year (haven't found her yet in 1820).

I don't think this James Dugger remained in Brunswick Co, VA, but I can't be sure. There were several James Dugger's in the Brunswick Co, VA records in the timeframe when this James would have become 21, so I can't be sure which is which. For some reason, I don't think this James was still in Brunswick after ca 1817. I could be wrong about this, but I suspect he was in TN with his brother Joseph in 1820, and where he went from there, I can't say.

I didn't find this James Dugger on the 1830 census. There were several James' listed in various places, but all are accounted for. There was a "James M. H. Dugger" in 1830 Giles Co, TN (as was Henry brother of the James under study here). I don't have the enumerations for this listing yet, so I'm not sure if it is this James or another one.

There was a James Dugger in 1830 Brunswick Co, VA, but I'm fairly sure he was the son of Daniel Dugger and not this James. There was a James in 1830 King William Co, VA who I haven't identified yet.

James was not named on the records (1844 and 1845) giving power of attorney for dividing the estate of his Uncle James Dugger, so that may indicate he had died before then. Their brother Henry Dugger was still living, but not mentioned, so that may not mean anything significant that James wasn't listed. Those names in those two mentioned records were all residents of Brunswick Co, VA, so perhaps James and Henry (who lived elsewhere then) were left out for that reason.