Person:James Brookman (15)

James Brookman
m. 10 Feb 1811
  1. James Brookman1812 - 1861
  2. Janet Brookman1813 -
  3. Mary Ann Brookman1815 -
  4. Daniel Brookman1818 - 1889
  5. Robert Brookman1821 -
  6. Henry Brookman1823 -
  7. David Brookman1827 -
  8. Miriam Brookman1829 - 1830
  9. William Brookman1831 -
  10. Naomi Brookman1835 -
  • HJames Brookman1812 - 1861
  • WAnn Caley1810 - 1866
m. 14 Dec 1834
  1. Sarah Brookman1835 - 1908
  2. Maria Brookmanabt 1837 -
  3. Mary Ann Brookman1840 - 1879
  4. Daniel Brookman1842 -
  5. Elizabeth Miriam Brookman1844 -
  6. Jane Brookman1847 -
  7. Jemima Brookman1849 - 1852
  8. Emily Ansell Brookman1852 - 1932
Facts and Events
Name James Brookman
Gender Male
Birth[5] 1812 Middlesex, EnglandSee talk page for further information
Marriage 14 Dec 1834 Brompton Rd, Middlesex, EnglandHoly Trinity Church
to Ann Caley
Occupation[2] 27 Dec 1835 Workman in a brew house
Census[4] 6 Jun 1841 Butlers Place, Southwark (St John Horsleydown), Surrey, EnglandDraysman
Census[5] 30 Mar 1851 9 Butlers Place, Southwark (St John Horsleydown), Surrey, EnglandCarman
Other?  Speculative parents?: Daniel Brookman and Miriam Godin (1) 
Occupation[1] 8 Jun 1856 Brewer
Burial[3] 3 Feb 1861 Harmondsworth, Middlesex, Englandof St John Horsleydown, Southwark, Surrey

James Brookman was born late in 1811 or early 1812 in Middlesex, the county of England which covered much of London and the area to the north and west of London. It is highly likely that James's parents (or possibly uncle and aunt) are Daniel Brookman and Miriam Godin. This assumption is based on 3 things;

  • Family names - His only son is named Daniel, most likely after his father and his daughter Elizabeth has the middle name, Miriam.
  • His son Daniel married Miriam Matilda Brookman, a known granddaughter of Daniel and Miriam. (He is not the only child of James and Anne to marry a cousin).
  • Daniel Brookman and Miriam Godin were married in 1811, yet their first recorded child was born in May 1813, certainly allowing space for James to be the first born but by the time of the 1841 census he was married and had a young family of his own.

His first confirmed sighting is on 14th December 1834 when he married an Ann Caley at Holy Trinity Church on Brompton Road in the parish of Kensington, on what was then the western edge of London. This church was right on the border with the neighbouring parish of Chelsea, and it served the area along the Kensington / Chelsea border known as Knightsbridge.

James's wife Ann Caley was from Harmondsworth, also in Middlesex, but in what was then the rural west of the county, over 15 miles from London. After their marriage they appear to have lived initially close to where they married, with their daughter Maria later claiming (in the 1861 census) to have been born in Chelsea. Their daughter Sarah is also thought to have been born in the Knightsbridge area, although she was baptised at her mother's native Harmondsworth.

James worked in a brew house and then as a draysman. Draysmen often carted barrels of beer from a brew house to the establishments that sold the beer. Afterwards he worked as a brewer's assistant, most likely with his father-in-law who was a brewer. This certainly gives an idea of how James may have met his wife, Ann.

By the time of the 1841 census the family was living at Butlers Place in the parish of St John Horsleydown in the Southwark area of London, on the south bank of the River Thames in the county of Surrey. They were still at Butlers Place, specifically at number 9, ten years later for the 1851 census, when James was described as a carman - a man who drives a cart.

James died in 1861. He was buried at Harmondsworth, suggesting a strong tie with that parish. His burial record gives his abode as St John Horsleydown. He was said to be 48 years old when he died, implying that he was born in either 1812 or 1813.

Ann outlived him by about five years. She was still living at 9 Butlers Place for the 1861 census, a couple of months after James's death. Between the three censuses of 1841, 1851 and 1861 the couple seem to have had eight children: Sarah, Maria, Mary Ann, Daniel, Elizabeth, Jane, Jemima and Emily.

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    Father's occupation: Brewers assistant

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    BURIALS solemnized in the Parish of Harmondsworth in the County of Middlesex in the Year 1861
    No. 379
    Name: James Brookman
    Abode: St Johns Horsleydown, Surrey
    When buried: Feb 3
    Age: 48 [1812/3]
    By whom the Ceremony was performed: J.J. Manley, Off[iciating] Min[ister]

  4. General Register Office. The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) HO 107/1-1465 Census Returns: 1841 Census Schedules, Class HO107; Piece 1087; Book 5; Folio 22; Page 36, 6 Jun 1841, Primary quality.

    Address: Butlers Place, Southwark (St John Horsleydown), Surrey
    James Brookman, male, 25 [1811-16], Drayman, born in county
    Ann Brookman, female, 30 [1806-11], born in county
    Sarah Brookman, female, 5 [1835/6], born in county
    Maria Brookman, female, 3 [1837/8], born in county
    Mary Ann Brookman, female, 1 [1839/40], born in county

  5. 5.0 5.1 General Register Office. The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) HO 107/1466-2531 Census Returns: 1851 Census Schedules, Class HO107; Piece 1559; Folio 452; Page 18, 30 Mar 1851, Primary quality.

    Address: 9 Butlers Place, Southwark (St John), Surrey
    James Brockman, head, married, male, 38 [1812/3], Carman, b. Middlesex
    Ann Brockman, wife, married, female, 40 [1810/11], b. Middlesex
    Mary Ann Brockman, daughter, female, 11 [1839/40], Scholar, b. Southwark, Surrey
    Daniel Brockman, son, male, 8 [1842/3], Scholar, b. Southwark, Surrey
    Elizabeth Brockman, daughter, female, 6 [1844/5], Scholar, b. Southwark, Surrey
    Jane Brockman, daughter, female, 3 [1847/8], Scholar, b. Southwark, Surrey
    Jemmima Brockman, daughter, female, 1 [1849/50], b. Southwark, Surrey

    The handwriting does appear to say "Brockman" not "Brookman" here, but given the address and the first names we can be reasonably confident it is the right family.