Person:James Bell (98)

James Bell
  1. Samuel Bellabt 1758/59 - 1840
  2. William Bellabt 1767 -
  3. Robert Bell1768 - bef 1801
  4. Francis Bellabt 1770 - bef 1805
  5. Agnes Nancy Bellest 1779/81 -
  6. Rachel Bellest 1781-1788 - 1850
  7. James Bell - bef 1813
  8. John Bell
  9. Mary Ann Bell
Facts and Events
Name James Bell
Gender Male
Death? bef. 1813 Augusta County, Virginia

James Bell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia



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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Bell vs. Bell--O. S. 110; N. S. 38--Bill, 25th August, 1807. Orator, William Bell, owned tract in Augusta adjoining tract of James and Samuel Bell, between whom a dispute arose. James is dead and land has descended to heir-at-law, Francis Bell. Answer dated 16th March, 1808, states: James Bell, father of William, made an entry for 400 acres. Samuel Bell is now 49 years of age. Andrew Foster settled on the land upwards of 60 years ago. A certain William Bell was uncle of defendants. (Note: it is unclear if the James Bell that had deceased prior to this record was this James Bell or his father. Additional research is necessary).
  • Vol. 2 - Bell vs. Bell--O. S. 195; N. S. 69--Bill, 1813. Settlement of estate of James Bell, of Augusta, who died testate, leaving widow, six sons and three daughters, of whom Robert, Francis and Samuel were miners. Robert was a student. Widow, Martha, was executrix and died leaving complainant, William Bell, her executor. Robert is also dead, and said William administered. Francis Bell has also died. James Bell, son of James, is also dead.