Person:Hugh Rowe (1)

Hugh Rowe
b.Abt 1645
m. Bef 1643
  1. John RoweAbt 1643 - 1700
  2. Hugh RoweAbt 1645 - 1696
m. 10 Jun 1667
  1. Rachel Roe1668 - 1698
  2. Ruth Rowe1671 - 1736
  3. Mary Rowe1673 - 1741
  • HHugh RoweAbt 1645 - 1696
  • WMary Prince1658 - 1722/23
m. 16 Sep 1674
  1. Margaret Rowe1675 - 1675
  2. Abigail Rowe1677 -
  3. Abraham Rowe1680 - 1706
  4. Isaac Rowe1682 - 1723
  5. Jacob Rowe1685 -
  6. Joseph Rowe1687 -
  7. Benjamin Rowe1690 -
  8. Mary Rowe1691 - 1774
  9. Martha Rowe1695 -
Facts and Events
Name[2][3] Hugh Rowe
Gender Male
Birth[4][5][8] Abt 1645 (documentation needed.)
Marriage 10 Jun 1667 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Rachel Langton
Marriage 16 Sep 1674 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Prince
Military[3][5] 1675 fought in Indian War
Education[6] owned books
Other[7] 1692 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United Stateswife, daughter and two mothers-in-law arrested on charges of witchcraft
Death[1] 11 Dec 1696 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[6] 11 Jan 1697 Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesestate entered into probate
  1. Deaths, in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Gloucester, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. (Salem, Massachusetts.: Essex Institute, 1917)
    p. 266.

    Row, Hugh, Dec. 11, 1696.

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    Volume 3, Page 580.

    ROWE, HUGH, Gloucester, s. of John,
    m. 10 June 1667, Rachel Langdon,
    had Rachel, b. 10 Nov. 1668; Ruth, 26 Jan. 1671; and Mary 5 Feb. 1674.
    His w. d. 7 of next mo. and he m. 10 Sept. foll. Mary, d. of Thomas Prince,
    had next yr. Margaret, wh. d. soon; Abigail, 19 Dec. 1677; and ano. d. beside Joseph; Benjamin; Abraham, 26 Apr. 1689; Isaac; and Jacob.

  3. 3.0 3.1 Babson, John J. History of the town of Gloucester, Cape Ann: including the town of Rockport. (Gloucester Mass.: Procter Bros., 1860)
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    Hugh Rowe married Rachel Langton, June 10, 1667. She may have been a daughter of William Vinson, who, in a deed, calls Rowe his son-in-law. He enlisted in the Indian War of 1675, and received a grant of land at Kettle Cove for his services. His wife died March 7, 1674, leaving three daughters, who married three sons of Anthony Day. He next married Mary, daughter of Thomas Prince, Sept. 10, 1674. Children of Hugh Rowe and Mary Prince: sons Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Benjamin, and three daughters.

  4. Torrey, Clarence Almon. New England Marriages Prior to 1700. (1963)
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    Row, Hugh (s John) (ca 1645-1694)

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    Hugh Rowe [son of John], of Gloucester, Mass., b. ____, 1645; d. 11 Dec 1696, Gloucester, Mass. He served in the Indian Wars in 1675 and received for his services land at Kettle Creek.

  6. 6.0 6.1 Massachusetts. Probate Court (Essex County), and Massachusetts. Court of Insolvency (Essex County). Essex County, Massachusetts, probate records and indexes 1638-1916. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1971, 2000, 2001)
    Case No. 24277.

    Rowe, Hugh, 1697, Jan 11
    [Note: some pages badly torn; note on front of file suggests some may be missing]
    Items in the file include the following:
    - 11 Jan 1696 - Mary Rowe appointed Administrator (names of sureties missing because of torn page0; signed Mary R her mark Row, John Hadley, Thomas Riggs
    - Bills paid include [torn page] for teaching sons Abraham and [torn page] in the year 1695
    - 4 Jan 1696 [sic] - Inventory, includes books, one sloop
    - Mary Row received one-third of personal estate forever and one-third of real estate during lifetime ("Excepting the shares that the said Widow hath bought & purchased with [torn] as { } deed of conveyance bearing date [ ] of august 1697"
    - 11 April 1722 - estate to be divided into thirds

  7. Drolet, Jedediah, "The Geography and Genealogy of Gloucester Witchcraft". Paper presented to the Berkshire Conference, June 2005
    accessed 9 Nov 2015.

    Margaret Prince, (Hugh's mother-in-law by his second wife) was arrested 3 September 1692. Her daughter, Mary Rowe (Hugh's second wife) and Rachel Vinson (Hugh's mother-in-law by his first wife), were arrested sometime between 13 September and 3 November. Abigail Rowe (Hugh and Mary's 15 year old daughter) was arrested on November 3rd. All four, along with six other women from Gloucester, were eventually released without trial.

  8. The source for Hugh's date of birth seems to be Tingley's undocumented opus. Much of Tingley's work can be verified by reference to original documents, but it also contains some serious errors where original documents do not exist or have not been found. Without documentation, Hugh's birth date appears to be an estimate based on the date of his first marriage and should be treated with caution.