Person:Hezekiah Gunn (1)

Hezekiah Gunn
m. Abt 1753
  1. Daniel Gunn, III1754 - 1834
  2. Moses Gunn1756 - 1830
  3. Hezekiah Gunn1758 -
  4. Noble Gunn1760 - 1830
  5. Rhoda Gunn1762 - 1830
  • HHezekiah Gunn1758 -
  • W.  Catherine (add)
  1. Hezekiah GunnAbout 1780 -
  2. Comfort GunnAbt 1786 - 1859
Facts and Events
Name Hezekiah Gunn
Gender Male
Birth[1][4] 15 July 1758 Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts, United States

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, pp. 950 and 952: GUNN, Hezekiah. Sheffield. Private, Capt. Peter Ingersoll's Company, Col. David Brewer's (9th) regt.; company return [probably Oct., 1775], muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 20, 1775; service, 2 mos. 1 week. Also, Capt. Ingersoll's company, Col. Rufus Putnam's (late Brewer's) regiment; order for bounty or its equivalent in money dated Nov. 18, 1775.

There are two Hezekiah Gunns listed for the War of 1812. One is a Corporal, who served in Capt. Peterson's Company, New York Militia. The other is a Private in Stone's 14th Regiment of the New York Militia.

Hezekiah may have moved first to Vermont and then to Onondaga County, New York, with his brothers Daniel, Noble and Moses. Son, Hezekiah II, may have been born in Vermont, and married a woman [Mabel Miller] from Vermont.

There is a Hezekiah Gunn listed in the Onondaga County, NY, census for 1810 (p 46), in Camillus Twp in 1820 (p 139), and in Elbridge Twp in 1850 (p 381). But the Hezekiah in these records are probably his son.

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    Bk.1 p.116 (Original location of transcription below)[1]
    Gun, Daniel, son of Daniel Jr & wife Esther born July 26, 1754
    Gun, Moses, son of Daniel Jr & wife Esther born Apr 3, [17]56
    Gun, Hezekiah, son of Daniel Jr & wife Esther born July 15, [1758]
    [Note: Birth year follows birth pattern, but might be 1757 or 1759]

    Gun, Noble, son of Daniel Jr & wife Esther born July 17, [17]60
    Gun, Rhode, dau of Daniel Jr & wife Esther born Sept. 19, [17]62
    Gun, Daniel Jr son of Daniel Jr & wife Esther died Feb 17, [17]64

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    [on page 55 Hezekiah is mentioned]: "Gunn, Hezekiah, farmer, on Osman Rhoades' farm."

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