Person:Hermann Fischback (1)

Hermann Fischback
d.Bef 25 Feb 1776 Culpeper County, Virginia
m. 20 May 1683
  1. Clara Fischback1684 -
  2. Anna Els Fischback1685 - Aft 1760
  3. Catherine Fischbach1687 - 1731
  4. Maria Els Fischback1687 - 1760
  5. Agnes Fischback1689 -
  6. Johannes Fischbach1691 - 1735
  7. Hermann Fischback1693 - Bef 1776
  8. Maria Els Fischback1696 -
m. abt. 1722-25
  1. John FishbackEst 1725 -
  2. Alice "Alse" Fishback1727 - 1818
  3. Harmon Fishback1741 - 1804
  4. Mary FishbackBef 1745 - 1838
  5. Catherine FishbackBef 1745 -
  • HHermann Fischback1693 - Bef 1776
  • WMary Noe
m. 1745
Facts and Events
Name Hermann Fischback
Alt Name Harnon Fishback
Gender Male
Birth? 21 May 1693 Siegen, Nassau-Siegen, Germany[Christened]
Marriage abt. 1722-25 Virginiato Anna Catherine "Katrina" Utterback
Marriage 1745 to Mary Noe
Death? Bef 25 Feb 1776 Culpeper County, Virginia[Will Proven]

Hermann Fischbach (Harman Fishback) was the second son of Philipp and Elsbeth Fischbach. He was christened on Laetare Sunday, 1693 in Trupbach. His godfather was Hermann Grimm.

Hermann grew up in Trupbach and emigrated with his father and mother andhis sisters to the Virginia colony, in 1713 - 1714, when he was twenty years old. He settled in Germanna and it is believed that it was there that he probably married Anna Catherine Utterback. She was born in 1705, the daughter of Harman Utterback and Elisabeth Heimbach.

Harman Fishback was one of the heads of family among the Nassau-Siegen immigrants listed on the commemorative stone at Germanna. He was one of the twelve men who, with their wives, signed similar affidavits as to their entry to take up land in Spotslyvania County. The affidavits were signed on April 7, 1724, and this was the 1805 acres of land that comprised Germantown, in what was later to become Fauquier County.

Harman swore that he and Kathrina, his wife, both had come to the colony in April 1714. The parcel of land in Germantown lay between Peter Hitt and Tillman Weaver. While the land was held in the names of John Fishback, John Hoffman and Jacob Holtzclaw, an agreement was drawn up that all twelve men were to share the expenses and the land be divided equally among them.

It is believed that Harman Fishback, the son of John Fishback and the nephew of the above Harman, died young. For this reason, it is possible to distinguish between the two men. Harman Fishback, the son of Philipp, of whom this is written, is believed to be the one who contracted a marriage with Mary Neas in 1745. Kathrina, then had died before that date. Harman Fishback, Sr., of Culpeper County and Harman Fishback, his son made deeds for part of the land of Germantown in 1775. It is believed that this was the same Harman Fishback of Nassau-Siegen.

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