Person:Maria Fischback (1)

Maria Els Fischback
b.7 Aug 1696
m. 20 May 1683
  1. Clara Fischback1684 -
  2. Anna Els Fischback1685 - Aft 1760
  3. Catherine Fischbach1687 - 1731
  4. Maria Els Fischback1687 - 1760
  5. Agnes Fischback1689 -
  6. Johannes Fischbach1691 - 1735
  7. Hermann Fischback1693 - Bef 1776
  8. Maria Els Fischback1696 -
  • HJohn Spillman1675 - Bet 1727 & 1728
  • WMaria Els Fischback1696 -
m. Abt 1714/15
  1. Mary SpillmanAbt 1714 & 1715 -
  2. Jacob Spillman1716 -
  3. Alice SpillmanAbt 1717 - 1805
  4. John SpillmanAbt 1718 -
  5. James Spillman1720 - 1790
  6. Harman SpillmanBet 1722 & 1724 -
  7. Henry SpillmanBet 1728 & 1729 -
Facts and Events
Name Maria Els Fischback
Alt Name Mary Elsabeth Fischbach
Gender Female
Birth? 7 Aug 1696
Marriage Abt 1714/15 Germanna Colony, Virginiato John Spillman
Death? Y

About Maria (Mary Elisabeth) Fischback

Maria Els (Mary Elisabeth) was the daughter of Philipp and Elsbeth Fischbach, and bore the same name as her older sister. She was christened in 1696 in Trupbach. Her godmother was Maria, wife of JostFischbach.

Mary Elisabeth immigrated to Virginia when she was seventeen. It is believed that she was the sister who married John Spilman of Oberschelden, who was born in 1679. They were married after they reached the colony of Virginia. John Spilman died young and left six Spilman children. His wife, Mary, married again and had children by her second husband.

This husband, George Gent, left her with their two children, as well, to rear by herself. It is because she attempted to give John Spilman's lotto her Gent children, and the resulting court suit by her son, JacobSpilman, that the information describing the Germantown land agreement has survived. The agreement among the twelve men was described in detailin the suit and confirmed the fact that John Spilman's heir, and thus Jacob, was the only one who could inherit the land by the terms of the agreement.