Person:Henry Rector (6)

Henry Rector
m. Abt 1734
  1. Henry Rector1736 - 1782
  2. Daniel Rector, Sr.Abt 1738 - 1814
  3. Jacob RectorAbt 1740 - Abt 1779
  4. Charles Rector1742 - 1833
  5. Elizabeth Rector1743 -
  6. Catherine RectorAbt 1744 - Abt 1790
  7. Benjamin Rector1748 - 1808
  8. Frederick Rector1750 - 1811
m. 1765
  1. Frances Rector1762 -
  2. Elizabeth Rector1766 - 1839
  3. William Rector1768 - 1834
  4. Margaret Rector1770 - 1862
  5. Catherine Rector1772 - 1862
  6. John Alexander Rector1774 - 1855
  7. Enoch Rector1778 - 1816
Facts and Events
Name Henry Rector
Gender Male
Birth? 1 Mar 1736 Prince William County, Virginia
Marriage 1765 Fauquier County, Virginiato Mary E Hendren
Death? 8 Apr 1782 Fauquier County, Virginia

HENRY RECTOR lived in Virginia.

Henry and his family appear in the following records, all of which except the first are from Fauquier County, Virginia:

Loudon County Deed Book "C", page 563. March 8, 1763, Lord Fairfax to Henry Rector, Junior 163 acres.

Fauquier County Deed Book 4, page 280. October 1, 1771. John Rector and Catharine his wife to Henry Rector, Junior, 157 acres, part of the land bought from Ball in 1770.

Deed Book 5, page 380. July 26, 1773, Henry Rector, Junior of Leeds Parish to John Godard, after the death of his mother, Catherine Rector, 100 acres in Leeds Parish adjoining Jacob Rector, during the lives of John Godard, Mary, his wife, and John their son.

Deed Book 5, page 435. October 25, 1773, Henry Rector, Junior and Mary his wife of Leeds Parish to Henry Rector the Younger of Hamilton Parish 108 acres adjoining John and Jacob Rector.

Deed Book 6, page 196. October 23, 1775, Henry Rector and Mary his wife to Benjamin Rector 94 acres in Leeds Parish on Goose Creek.

Deed Book 6, page 210. June 10, 1775, Henry Rector and Mary his wife to Daniel Floweree land.

Deed Book 6, page 377. July 28, 1777, Henry Rector, Junior of Leeds Parish and Mary his wife to Henry Rector, Youngest, 9 acres. (Note on margin: delivered in 1848 to Willis Rector, son of the grantee.)

Deed Book 6, page 379. July 28, 1777, Henry and Mary his wife to George Glascock 104 acres, part of the tract deeded by Ball to John Rector in 1770.

Deed Book 7, page 297. December 5, 1780. Henry Rector bond to Benjamin Rector and others for 200 acres at Rectortown.

Will Book 1, page 427. The will of Henry Rector, dated April 2, 1781 and probated November 26, 1781, leaves to son William, under age, 156 acres on which Captain William Smith lives; to son John 100 acres adjoining William Finch, John also being under age; to son Enoch, under age, 156 acres "on which I live"; to daughters (no names mentioned); brother Benjamin Rector and Frederick Rector executors; test, Harman Rector, Senior, Harman Rector, Junior, Henry Utterback. (Note: this will shows that Henry Rector died in 1781, not in 1782)

Will Book 1, page 448. July 18, 1782, division and allotment to Mary Rector, relict of Henry Rector, 30 acres adjoining the land of John Rector and of Enoch Rector.

Deed Book 10, page 177. September 28, 1789, William Rector, son and heir of Henry Rector, decd., to Benjamin Rector 300 acres, The land bequeathed to Henry by his father, John Rector, on which the town of Maidstone now stands.

Deed Book 13, page 112. September 17, 1795, John Rector to William Rector 100 acres near Maidstone adjoining Fitzhugh, Finch, and Enoch Rector, left to John by his father, Henry, decd.

Deed Book 14, page 572. May 29, 1799, Enoch Rector and Molly his wife to Hezekiah Glascock 157 acres near Rectortown bequeathed to Enoch by his father, Henry, decd.

Deed Book 19, page 371. August 16, 1814, William Rector and Margaret his wife and Ludwell Rector and Molly his wife and James Adams of Frederick County property left by the will of Joseph Robinson to Margaret, Molly and Catharine.

Deed Book 7, page 422. October 4, 1781, Thomas Owsley of Loudoun County to John Rector, son and legatee of Henry Rector, Junior, 100 acres purchased of Charles Rector.

Deed Book 7, page 424. October 4, 1781, Thomas Owsley of Loudoun County to Enoch Rector, son and legatee of Henry Rector, Junior, 156 acres.

Deed Book 7, page 427. October 3, 1781, Thomas Owsley of Loudoun County to Mary Rector, widow of Henry Rector, Junior, 85 acres.

Will Book 11, page 279. December 1, 1829, The land of Francis and Ann Ashe is to be divided on the motion of John Rector; The heirs: John Rector, Thornton Ash, Richard Cropp, Mariah Ash, Catherine Ash, Harriet Ash, Elizabeth Rector, Susan Cropp.