Person:Gilbert Thompson (5)

Gilbert D. Thompson, Jr.
m. 3 Jul 1871
  1. Gilbert D. Thompson, Jr.1872 - 1919
  2. Charles A. Thompson1874 - 1958
  3. Alexander J. Thompson1875 - 1958
  4. Zepherin J. Thompson1877 - 1930
  5. Melanie Mary Louise Thompson1880 - 1966
  6. Mary Leontine Thompson1882 - 1960
  7. Leon A. Thompson1882 - 1949
  8. Joseph C. Thompson1887 - 1960
  • HGilbert D. Thompson, Jr.1872 - 1919
  • WDelphine Lemay1875 - 1917
  1. Delphine Thompson1895 -
  2. Florence G. Thompson1897 - 1986
  3. William J. Thompson1898 -
  4. Gilbert Louis Thompson1900 -
  5. Charles V. Thompson1911 - 1968
Facts and Events
Name Gilbert D. Thompson, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? 19 Jun 1872 Oswego, Oswego Co., NY
Death[1] 13 Aug 1919 Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NYCause: Perforation of Diaphragm
Burial? 14 Aug 1919 Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY - St. Agnes Cemetery


                              (Syracuse Newspaper August 13, 1918)

Gilbert D. Thompson, 47, woodworker, died yesterday afternoon at his home, No. 204 Wolf Street, as the result of being hit in the abdomen Monday by a piece of wood. Thompson, who was employed by the H.A. Moyer Carriage Works was working on a circular saw when a knot was struck in the board he was sawing flew from the board, hitting him in the abdomen. He was taken to his home, but attending physicians were unable to diagnose his exact trouble and he died within 24 hours. The body was taken to the County Morgue, where an autopsy will be performed. He is survived by his three sons, William J., Lewis G., and Charles Thompson; two daughters, Mrs. Robert Robenski and Mrs. Frank McArdell; five brothers and two sisters.

  1. Perforation of diaphragm due to piece of wood thrown from buzz saw while working.