Person:George Wright (88)

George Wright
b.Abt 1700 PA
Facts and Events
Name George Wright
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1700 PA
Marriage to Susannah Unknown
Death? Sep 1779 Frederick County, VA

PIONEERS OF OLD FREDERICK Co, VA by Cecil O'Dell Biography: "George Wright (b. abt 1700) moved with his family from Pennsylvania to Orange County, VA around 1740 where he purchased 600 acres (or 615 acres) from Joist Hite for 50 pouds. George assumed three separate bonds ; two for 20 pounds apiece and one for 10 pouds , each payable at different dates. Joist Hite gave Wright his bond guaranteeing to conveythe 600 acres to Wright or pay a penalty of 200 pounds if he failed to do so. George took immediate possession of the tract and made improvements. After a period of eight or nine years, Wright applied to LordFairfax 'compositon and accumstomed fees' . He then launched a court action on Hite's bond as well as money paid Hite as part of the purchase price and other incurred expenses. Wright's warrant with the Proprietor's office was dated 22 October 1750 the survey of the land where he lived was dated 22 January 1750/51 and the grant for 615 acres which he received was dated 30 August 1751. (Tract 95 C - map 8) Cecil O'Dell gives his sources as: -a) Joyner, Northern Necks Warrants and Surveys, Frederick Co. VA, Vol II, page 169; Gray Northern Neck Grants -b) Hite/Fairfax Law Suit, British Colony, McKay Extract p. 1715; Deposition 11 April 1760 by George Wright at Williamsburg

1734 -Dec 30. Fairfax and Jost Hite Land Surveys, Shenandoah River, 1734-1735 Frederick Co, VA USGenWeb -< t> "George Wright, 2050 acres surveyed 30 December 1734, survey No. 16."

1744 -Frederick County, VA Col. James Wood's Fee Book Anno Dom 1744 -< 20Fee> "George Wright - 168 Pounds of Tobacco"

From Lookup Volunteer of Frederick Co, VA --- George Wright in several Frederick Finding books that I have he was listed as having posted securities in the following estates: 14 April 1744 -on the estate of George Hume. 4 December 1745 -with the estate of Josiah Hayward 4 March 1745 - with the estate of Hugh Ferguson

1749 -November 15, Frederick Co, VA Will Book 1, Page 439 -<> "George Hoge, George Wright and Matthew Rogers, post a bond of 200 pounds with William Fairfax, first Justice in the Commission of the peace, for the administration of the estate of Willaim Hoge. Signed GeorgeHoge, George Right and the mark of Matthew Rogers."

1750 -May 9, Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Volume II, Page 158. -<> "Elizabeth Vance, (widow of James Vance, deceased), no warrant, 338 acres on drains of Opequon; adjacent David Vance, Thomas Meachan, Robert Ashby, and George Wright. Chain carriers William Runnalds & James King. Surveyed by William Baylis."

1750 -September 29, Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Volume II, Page158 -<> "David Vance, 407 acres adjacent his own patent & George Wright. Chain carriers George Wright & Robert Allen. " MY NOTE: This would probably be Jr who is the chain carrier as they were usually young boys.

1751 -PIONEERS OF OLD FREDERICK Co, VA by Cecil O'Dell "George Wright 604 acres - 100 pound bond) - part of the 600-acres tract located adjacent NE of Stephens City VA and east of Interstate Highway 81. 1751 -Frederick County, Deed Book 18, p. 271 -received a grant of 615 acres in Frederick County, VA from the Northern Neck Proprietors

PIONEERS OF OLD FREDERICK Co, VA by Cecil O'Dell George Wright sold 403 acres of the 615 acre tract to David Wright onJune 3, 1754

1754 -May 7, Frederick Co, VA Will Book 2, Page 125 -<> "The inventory of the estate of Andrew Vance, by Abraham Frey and themark of William Russell. Names mentioned are: David Johnson, Isaac ?;Jonathan Tipton; John Morris; William Wilson; Abraham Frey; Marlin Cryder; Samuel Prichard; Lawrence Stephens; George Wright; and William Rolley."

1755-8 -Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt, VA's Colonial Soldiers. (Baltimore:Genealogical Publishing Company, 1988) pp. 345 and 347. "George Wright, as well as his son, George, II, served in the Frederick County Militia in 1755- 1758, in Captain Lewis Stephens' Company "

1758 -Alphabetical Poll of Vote for House of Burgesses from FrederickCounty, VA 24 July 1758, from George Washington's papers, in his own handwriting. VA Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 6, pp. 162-173 "voted with George, Jacob, and David for Col. George Washington for the House of Burgesses for Frederick County, Also, a James and John Wright voted at the same time (relationship unknown)"

PIONEERS OF OLD FREDERICK Co, VA by Cecil O'Dell George and his wife Susannah consented to the sale of 360 acres on Stephens Run by William Wright to Adam Waggoner on 13 August 1763.

PIONEERS OF OLD FREDERICK Co, VA by Cecil O'Dell "In 1765, George Wright Sr. sold 409 acres to his son, George Wright Jr. This tract is located on Stephens Run approximately 1 1/4 miles south of the 615 acre tract. Frederick County Highway 640 runs along theeast line of the property. George and Susannah had at least one otherson, Jacob, who was mentioned in Frederick County Records."

1765 -Oct 2, Frederick County, VA Deed Book Series, Volume 3 Abstracts (1763-1767) "Book 10, page 605 - dated Oct 2, 1765) Between George Wright of Frederick County (to) David Wright and Robert Allen Jun . . . WITNESSETH that above named David Wright and RobertAllen Jun being Securities for Jacob Wright (son of George) who is guardian to Rose Waters an orphan of Thomas Waters deceased to Simon Taylor and Jonathan Reed to whom they are jointly bound in the penal sum of five hundred pounds . . . NOW THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH that for and is consideration of the said David Wright and Robert Allen Jun. being such Security as aforesaid for said Jacob Wright he the said GeorgeWright hath granted bargain and sold unto said David Wright and Robert Allen Jun . . . Tract of land situated lyind and being on a Branch of Opechon Creek joining his late survey . . . Containing four hundredacres granted to said George Wright by Deed under the Hand and Seal of the Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax . . . Wit: Thos Wood and George Wright Recorded: Oct 2, 1765

abt 1765 -George Wright moved with others from the Shenandoah Valley to 96 District, SC

1779 -Sept 7, Frederick County, Deed Book 18, pp. 271, 273. "referred to as "late of 96 Hundred in South Carolina" when he transferred the land that had been granted to him in 1751 to his son, David Wright, for 270 pounds. On the same date, for 120 pounds, he transferred to Adam Kline, 400 acres which had been granted him 10 October 1754

1805 -October 1, Superior Court Deed Book 5, Page 161 -<> "Jacob & Charlotte (his wife) Maddox, of Frederick Co, VA sells to Jacob Brand, of Stephensburg, Frederick Co, VA for $240.00, 20 acres, part of a larger tract granted to George Wright by the Proprietors Office, and by the said Wright conveyed to David Wright, who conveyed it toGeorge Wright by deed 2 July 1793, who sold it to the said Mattox in 1795...Peter Stephen's line. Signed Jacob Maddix and Charlotte Maddix,in the presence of no one."

Title: Edna Vinson Davis.FTW Author: compiled by Ann (Jobe) Brown <> Publication: All in file are related (by blood or marriage) to my grandmother, Edna Bertie (Vinson) Davis