Person:George Wheeler (2)

m. 11 Feb 1601
  1. Captain Timothy Wheeler1604 - 1687
  2. George Wheeler1605/6 - abt 1687
  3. Susanna Wheeler1607 - 1648/49
  4. John Wheeler1608 - AFT 1627
  5. Lieutenant Joseph Wheeler1609/10 - 1676
  6. Abiah Wheeler1611/12 - 1637
  7. Richard Wheeler1614 - 1675/76
  8. Mary WheelerBEF 1615 -
  9. Sgt Ephraim Wheeler1618/19 - Bet 1670
  10. Lieut/Capt. Thomas Wheeler1620 - 1676
  • HGeorge Wheeler1605/6 - abt 1687
  • WMary Studd1609 - 1630
m. 12 May 1628
m. 8 Jun 1630
  1. William Wheeler1631 - 1683
  2. Thomas Wheeler1633 - Bef 1687
  3. Elizabeth Wheeler1635/36 - 1704
  4. Sarah Wheeler1640 - 1713
  5. John Wheeler1642/43 - 1713
  6. Mary Wheeler1645 - 1678/79
  7. Ruth WheelerBef 1647 - 1713
  8. Hannah WheelerBef 1655 - 1697
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] George Wheeler
Gender Male
Birth? 23 Mar 1605/6 Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England
Marriage 12 May 1628 Cranfield, Bedfordshire, Englandto Mary Studd
Marriage 8 Jun 1630 Cranfield, Bedford, Englandto Katherine Porter
Death? abt 2 Jun 1687 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Probate? 2 Jun 1687 Will Probated, Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts



TAG 14:1 sheds great doubt on George Wheeler of Concord being son of Thomas of Cranfield: “lack of mention of the son George in the will [of Thomas], which mentions every other surviving child by name, makes it doubtful whether this identification [that George of Concord was son of Thomas of Cranfield] can be sustained. If George son of Thomas ‘the elder’ died young, as now seems likely, we cannot at present place the parentage of George of Concord.”

Others claim he was George Wheeler, chr in Cranfield June 13, 1613 and that he was son of John Wheeler of Cranfield and therefore brother to Obadiah Wheeler. Citation needed

He m1 (supposedly) Mary Studd in 1628; she died in 1630.

He m2 Kathering Pin or Porter in 1631 with whom he emigrated to New England.

Life in New England

To Concord, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts in 1638; freeman of Concord, Massachusetts 2 Jun 1641; selectman.

Last Will & Testament

TAG 14:131-2 extracts his will:
George Wheeler, Sr., of Concord, Mass.:
Liber 10, folios 2 ff (original here)

Will of George Wheeler Sr. of Concord, Mass... Being of computant [sic] measure of memory [etc.]

First I will that my whole estate shall stand engaged and be responsible for my cumfortable maintenance in all respects Dureing the Terme of my Life...

I Will to my two sons Thomas Wheeler and John Wheeler my Mansion Dwelling house Barnes Cowhouses and Orchards... down to John Scotchfords house I give to my son Thomas And that part of my Lott Lyeing betweene Joshuah Wheeler and John Scotchford I give to my son John. I give to my two sons Thomas and John my six acres bought of Gershom Bulkeley Lyeing over the hills... Alsoe I give to my Sons Thomas and John my Twenty Eight Acres of Woodland lying in the North Quarter over the River...

I give to the Children of my son William Deceased as a legacy out of my Estate the sum of Sixty pounds seaven shillings to be paid to them By the Executors of this my Will in equall right of Propriety Onely my Will is that my Meadow att Brooke Meadow on both sides of the brooke excepting that part I give to my son Thomas as above... My one acre in Ash Swamp at ffaire haven... to be disposed of to my son Williams children.... Alsoe the two acres and an halfe Meadow joyning to my son Williams pasture, Itt is not my said son Williams But I will it to my Executors to administer upon it as my Estate...

To my won Thomas my piece of Meadow at Brooke Meadow joyning to John Wheelers meadow lyeing on the Northwest side of the Brooke... To my son John land... To Thomas & John... my part of the Holt in equall right.... To son John land att the south feild att the East side of the country way agt comyes house... To Thomas and John ffourty four acres Lyeing North of Walden pond.... To son Thomas my fourteen acres Lyeing on the South east of the South River joyning Nathaniell & John Billings... to my son John my six acres joyning to Daniel Dane southeast from Mountaber... to sons Thomas & John eight acres joyning to Mr. Fflints pond... to son John my foure acres in John Milles Pasture joying the south River... to sons Thomas & John out of my moveable estate ffive pounds a piece... to son Thomas Tenn pounds... in consideration that he is short of Brothers in receipt of portion I give to my Daughter ffoxes Children six pounds...

To my ffoure Daughters Eliza Ffletcher, Sarah Dudley, Ruth Hartwill and Hannah Ffletcher... fifteene pounds apeece.... to be paid to them in Concord Current peice Alsoe I will my reserve to my self during my Life... did beginn in year 1682 soe on the day of my death.... To sons Thomas & John land lying in the corner neere Water Towne Lyne... My will is noe Legacy shall be required untill two years after my death.... Two sons Thomas and John executors.

Dated 28 January 1684. Signed by mark. Witnesses:Samuel Merriam, Jonathan Hubard, and John Scotchford. Probate and administration granted to John Wheeler, son and surviving Executor, 8 June 1687.

Additional Sources

1. Parish Transcripts,Cranfield,Bedford,ENG (GS 845,460)

2. Wheeler Family in America by A G Wheeler (GS 1033616)

3. The Wheeler Families of Old Concord, transcribed here:


Archives copy has George Wheeler Married twice. There were two George Wheelers in parish. One (of East Inn) md 12 May 1628 had Wm b 30 Jan 1630. The other md 8 June 1630 and had Wm born 24 July 1631.

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