Person:George Parkhurst (1)

George Parkhurst
m. 1582/1588
  1. Robert PARKHURSTABT 1583 -
  2. George Parkhurst1589 - 1675
  3. Thamar Parkhurst1590 -
  4. Thomas Parkhurst1591 -
  5. Sarah Parkhurstabt 1592 -
  6. John Parkhurst1594 -
  7. Helen Parkhurst1598/9 -
  8. Christopher Parkhurstabt 1600 -
  9. Mary PARKHURSTABT 1601 -
  10. Alice Parkhurst1602 -
  11. Agnes Parkhurstabt 1605 -
  12. Elizabeth Parkhurstabt 1610 -
  • HGeorge Parkhurst1589 - 1675
  • WPhebe Leete1585 - 1640
m. 29 Mar 1610
  1. Phoebe Parkhurst1612 - 1688-1700
  2. Mary Parkhurst1614 - 1687
  3. Samuel Parkhurst1615/16 -
  4. Deborah Parkhurst1619 - 1675/76
  5. George Parkhurst1621 - 1697/98
  6. John Parkhurst1623 -
  7. Abigail Parkhurst1625/26 -
  8. Elizabeth Parkhurst1628 - 1657
  9. Joseph Parkhurst1629 - 1709
  • HGeorge Parkhurst1589 - 1675
  • WSusan Unknownbef 1614 - ABT 1690
m. bet 9 Nov 1643 and 16 Nov 1644
  1. Benjamin Parkhurstest 1645 - bef 1683/84
  2. Unknown Parkhurstest 1647 -
  3. Daniel Parkhurst1649 -
  4. Joshua PARKHURSTBEF 1652 -
  5. Caleb PARKHURSTBEF 1653 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] George Parkhurst
Gender Male
Alt Birth[1] est 1588 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Birth? May 1589 Ipswich, Suffolk, EnglandKey Parish
Marriage 29 Mar 1610 St Mary on Quay, Ipswich, Suffolk, Englandto Phebe Leete
Marriage bet 9 Nov 1643 and 16 Nov 1644 to Susan Unknown
Burial[1] 18 Jun 1675 Ipswich, Suffolk, EnglandSt. Lawrence

Named in a 1655 deed from Thomas Arnold, co-signed by wife Phebe, which names brother-in-law George Parkhurst of Watertown and "our Father George Parkhurst and his wife Susanna."

First appears in America when a highway was ordered by his house in Watertown on 10 May 1642. At the same time, he was granted 56 acres of land, but he does not appear in the town grants between 1636 and 1638. He married the widow of John Simson, who died in Watertown in June 1643. He acquired Simson's land, some of which he disposed of in November 1644, meaning they were married before then. He is then recorded in Boston in several deeds between 1645 and 1655. A 1695 suit involving his son George and some land of John Simson's, there is an affadavit that says George was "about 67" in 1655, that his family was in destitute condition, that his wife had had seven sons and three daughters in America (including two sons with Simson) and that she had gone to London with six of those children. She had found her family unable to help and George apparently wanted to sell his remaining land to go to her aid. If he indeed returned to England with her, it makes sense that he is the "Old George Parkhurst" who is buried at St. Lawrence, near where he was married and had children by his first wife.

Research in NEHGR 27:364 reveals the following: George Parkhurst Sr. of Watertown was the brother or brother-in-law of Ruth Dalton, wife of Rev. Timothy Dalton of Hampton. She provided in her will for his children, Deborah, wife of John Smith; Elizabeth, widow of Emmanuel Hilliard, wife of Joseph Merry; Phebe, wife of Thomas Arnall; George Parker [Parkhurst]; Joseph Parker [Parkhurst]; Mary, wife of Thomas Carter of Woburn. Other letters connect Benjamin and Joseph.

Early New York Families, Hudson-Mohawk Family Memoirs, Vo. III, page 1307 has an entry on George that mixes up several of the spouses: "George Parkhurst, born in England about 1590, came to America about 1638 or 1640, and settled at Watertown, Massachusetts, where he was living in 1642. He removed to Boston, and is supposed to have died there as there is a record of the adminstration of he estate. He married (first) in England, Rebecca _______; (second) Susanna Simpson, widow of John Simpson of Watertown. Children: George jr. born 1618; Joseph; Benjamin; Phebe married Thomas Arnold; Deborah married John Smith; Elizabeth, married (first) Emanuel Hilliard, (second) Joseph Merr; Mary, married Joseph Merry."

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    George Parkhurst (John, Christopher, George) was born about 1588, probably in Ipswich, England. "He was probably the "Old George Parkhurst" buried 18 June 1675 at Saint Lawrence, Ipswich, England."

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    George Parkhurst, Watertown, freem. 10 May 1643, brought from Eng. s. George, d. Phebe, and perhaps other ch. Barry says his w. was Susanna, and I kn. that in 1643 he m. sec. w. Susanna, wid. of John Simpson, sold his est. at W. 1645, and rem. to Boston, there was liv. in 1655. Phebe m. Thomas Arnold.

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    George Parkhurst [#1], s/o John Parkhurst and Sarah unknown, b. Ipswich, Suffolk Co., England about 1588 [deposition 1655, aged near 67], buried Ipswich, Suffolk Co, England 18 Jun 1675, m. (1) Phebe Leete (9 children), m. (2) New England about 1644 Susanna (--) Simson (5 sons + 2 sons, 3 daughters by first marriage). Petition 1655 states wife had gone to England with 6 children and he probably returned to England soon thereafter as well.