Person:Frederick Iaac (1)

  1. Frederick Iaac, JrAbt 1700 - 1795
m. 1727
  1. James Snodgrass IceAbt 1727 - 1786
  2. John Robert "Old Lonely" Ice1728 - 1797
  3. William Galloway Ice, Sr1730 - 1826
  4. Christina IceAbt 1734 - Abt 1758
  5. Marguerite 'Mary' IceAbt 1737 - Aft 1825
m. 9 Mar 1751/52
  1. Andrew Ice, Sr1757 - 1848
  2. Magdalena ICE1760 - Abt 1760
  3. Frederick Ice1762 - 1788
  4. Abraham "Abram" Ice1764 - 1790
  5. David Gallion "Adam" Ice1767 - 1851
Facts and Events
Name Frederick Iaac, Jr
Alt Name Frederick Ice
Alt Name Frederick Isaac
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1700 prob. Germany/Holland
Marriage 1727 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United Statesto Mary Margaret Galloway
Marriage 9 Mar 1751/52 South Branch, Potomac River, Virginiato Eleanor C. "Nellie" Livingston
Death? 1795 Cheat's Island, Cheat Lake, Morgantown, Monongalia County, Virgina
Burial? Monongalia, Virginia, United States

Advisory on Birthdate of Frederick Iaac (Ice, Isaac)

Some sources claim that Frederick Iaac (Ice, Isaac) was born abt. 1680 and died in 1795, which would have made him 115 years old at the time of this death, which would be very unlikely. Others claim that he was born in 1713 in Holland, but since his first son was born in abt. 1728, he would have been only 15 years old at the time. It is more likely that Frederick was born abt. 1700, most likely in either Germany or Holland, where many of the early settlers of the South Branch of the Potomac River originated.

Early Land Acquisition in Virginia

Acquisition of Land from Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants:

  • K-311: Frederick Ice of Hampshire Co., 100 acres on Pattersons Creek & Lick Run in said Co. Surv. John Moffitt. Adj. Benjamin Parker. 11 Aug. 1761. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 127].
  • K-312: Frederick Ice of Hampshire Co., 187 acres on Nobly Mts. & Pattersons Creek in said Co. Surv. John Moffitt. 12 Aug. 1761. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 127].
  • Frederick Ice is entitled to 400 acres of land on Indian creek, adjoining lands claimed by Richard Harrison, to include his settlement made in 1774. [Source: History of Monongalia County, West Virginia, pg. 137].

Information on Frederick Iaac (Ice, Isaac)

REFN: 1 Drowned - Marker at Cheat River Bridge in Morgantown, (W)VA Name spelled Freidrieke Isler (Pronounced Ice-leigh)

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Frederick Iaac, Jr., was born in Holland in 1713. He immigrated to America in the early 1700's with his parents, and first lived in Maryland with his family.

Frederick was first married to Mary (Galloway) about 1727, and they raised a family of children. They settled on the South branch of the Potomic River in Hampshire Co., (W.) Virginia, where he was living in the 1750's.

Frederick Iaac with his oldest son John R., had gone to Winchester, Va., with most of the men settlers to buy provisions. An Indian raid hit the South Branch area in 1745, and when Frederick returned, he found the body of his wife and 3 smaller children. His second son, William, and his daughter, Mary, had been captured by the Indians and carried into the Ohio territory. These 2 children were adopted by the Indians, and when William was older, he escaped and returned home; Mary married an Indian, Puksineau, and had children. After losing his 1st wife and several children in the Indian raid, he remarried to Mrs. Eleanor (Livingstone) Thompson, a widow, on March 9, 1752, and had more childen.

Frederick Iaac (Jr.) had 100 acres of land in Hampshire County on the drains of Patterson's Creek and Lick Run on Aug. 11, 1761; and 187 acres of land in Hampshire County on Nobly Mountains and the drains of Patterson's Creek on Aug. 12, 1761.

Three leases and releases are recorded in Hampshire County, (W.) Virginia:

(1) Lease- Mar 19, 1764, Frederick Ice of Hampshire Co., of the colony of Virginia and Robert Gregg.
(2) Lease- Oct 25, 1765, between Frederick Ice of Frederick Co., Maryland and John Greenfield of Frederick Co., VA; Release- Oct 26, 1765, between Frederick Ice and Eleanor his wife of Frederick Co., MD, and John Greenfield of Frederick Co., VA.
(3) Lease- Jan 31, 1791 between Frederick Ice and Eleanor his wife, of the County of Monongalia, VA, and Robert Kile of Hampshire Co., VA

He was still living in Hampshire Co., (W.) Virginia, on April 14, 1767, when the sale of his land in Maryland was finally consumated by a court order in that County. Later that summer, he moved from Hampshire Co., (W.) Virginia, to the District of West Augusta, Virginia (later to become Monongalia Co., (W.) Virginia, in 1776). He erected a block house and grist mill on the Cheat River at a place about 7 miles from the present town of Morgantown, W. Va., which was called "Ice's Ferry". His youngest son, David G. "Adam", was born here in August, 1767.

His will was written in Monongalia Co., (W.), Va., on February 29, 1788; this lists his dearly beloved wife, Ellen; son Andrew; son Abraham, son Adam, and William a tract of land on Buffalo Creek to be equally divided between them; grandson Jessey. No known probate record of this will.

Ice Genealogy by Norman F. Kendall, 103 Broadview Avenue, Fairmont, WV; 3/1953

1. FREDRICK IAAC , JR. (FREDERICK TEN EYCK , SR.1) was born 1713 in Holland (prob. abt. 1700), and died 1795 in Cheat Island, Cheat Lake, Monongalia Co., (W.) Va.. He was buried in Island in Cheat Lake (now covered by water) near Morgantown, Mononglia Co., W. Va.. He married MARY (GALLOWAY) ABT 1727 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, daughter of JOHN ROBERT GALLOWAY and CHRISTINA (BRUIN). She was born ABT 1710 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and died 1745 in Patterson Creek, South Branch, Hampshire Co., (W.) Va. (killed by Indians). He married ELEANOR "NELLIE" (LIVINGSTONE) THOMPSON 9 MAR 1752 in Monongalia Co., (W.) Va.. She died AFT 1791 in Monongalia Co., (W.) Va..

Children of FREDRICK IAAC , JR. and MARY (GALLOWAY) are:

+ 2 i. JOHN ROBERT ICE was born 1728 in Hampshire Co., (W.) Va., and died 1797 in Archers Fork near Smithfield, Monongalia Co. (now Wetzel Co.), (W.) Va..
+ 3 ii. WILLIAM GALLOWAY "INDIAN BILLY" ICE , SR. was born 1 APR 1730 in Hampshire Co., (W.) Virginia, and died FEB 1826 in Buffalo Creek, Barrackville, Monongalia Co. (now Marion Co.), (W.) Va..
4 iii. CHRISTINA (ICE) was born ABT 1734 in Hampshire Co., (W.) Va., and died ABT 1758.
+ 5 iv. MARGUERITE MARY (ICE) was born ABT 1737 in Hampshire Co., (W.) Va., and died AFT 1825.


+ 6 i. ANDREW ICE , SR. was born 16 OCT 1757 in South Branch of Potomic River, Hampshire Co., (W.) Virginia, and died 13 MAR 1848 in Prairie Twp., Henry Co., Indiana.
+ 7 ii. MAGDALENE (ICE) was born 16 FEB 1760 in Hampshire Co., (W.) Virginia, and died young.
8 iii. FREDRICK ICE III was born 9 JUL 1762 in Hampshire Co., (W.) Virginia, and died 29 FEB 1788 in prob. Ice's Ferry, Monongalia Co., (W.) Va..
+ 9 iv. ABRAHAM ICE was born 25 NOV 1765 in Hampshire Co., (W.) Va., and died 1790 in territory of then Virginia.
+ 10 v. DAVID GALLION "ADAM" ICE was born 5 AUG 1767 in Ice's Ferry, District of West Augusta (now Monongalia Co.), (W.) Va., and died 5 JUL 1851 in Barrackville, Marion Co., (W.) Va..

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Ice's Ferry was located outside of Morgantown, Fauquier County, Virginia on the Cheat River, settled by Frederick Ice in 1767. He ran a ferry there and George Washington was supposed to have crossed the Cheat River on his exploration of 1784. The site of the ferry is now covered by Cheat Lake, formed by the Cheat River Dam.

Made a will, February 29, 1788. Buried at Ice's Ferry, near Morgantown, Fauquier County, Virginia, "On his Island, now under Cheat Lake." History of Upper Monongalia Valley Pages 1020-1021.