Person:Frederick Froelich (1)

Frederick Froelich
b.abt. 1720 Manweiler, Germany
  • HFrederick Froelichabt 1720 - 1792
  • WChloe Unknownest 1735 - 1825
m. abt. 1758
  1. James B. Fraley1759 - aft 1834
  2. Catherine Fraleyabt 1760 -
  3. Martin Fraleyabt 1761 - 1825
  4. Caleb Fraleyabt 1762 - 1828
  5. John Fraleyabt 1763 - bet 1820-1823
  6. William Fraleyabt 1764 - 1847
  7. Nancy 'Nellie' Fraleyabt 1766 - 1840
  8. Sarah Fraleyabt 1775 - abt 1840
  9. Jesse Fraleyabt 1776 - 1801
  10. Isaac Oliver Fraley1778 - abt 1874
  11. Frederick Fraleyabt 1780 - abt 1845
  12. Chloe Fraleyabt 1781 -
  13. Reuben Fraleyabt 1782 - bet 1823-1840
  14. Henry Fraleyabt 1784 - 1837
  15. Benjamin Franklin Fraley1788 - 1850
  16. Daniel Boone Fraleyabt 1790 - 1850
Facts and Events
Name Frederick Froelich
Alt Name Frederick Fraley
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1720 Manweiler, Germany
Marriage abt. 1758 Fraley's Chapel, Russell County, Virginiato Chloe Unknown
Burial[1] 1792 His plantation, Clinch River, Russell County, Virginia
Death? December 1792 North Carolina (while on a trip)

Frederick Froelich was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


Fraley Tapestry

The Tapestry
Families Old Chester Old Augusta Germanna
New River SWVP Cumberland Carolina Cradle
The Smokies

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 267.--27th November, 1750. Paul Lung's bond as administrator of Rudy Mauck, with sureties Frederick Fraclich (Frailey), Peter Scholl.
  • Page 348.-28th May, 1751. Abraham Job's appraisement, by Henry Netherton, James McCoy, Frederick Frailey.
  • Vol. 2 - FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT - 1756 - page 98, Frederick Freeling, or Fraley.


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Based on Hamilton's Article on Frederick Frayley, with additional information added as indicated.

Frederick Fraley [2] was an early settler in Castle's Woods; Hamilton believed that he was in the area by 1769, but provides no direct evidence for that view. He apparently came to SW VA from NC, for his will and subsequent court cases suggests a NC connection; Hamilton believes that he came to NC from Augusta County VA, where he was known as Frederick Froelich. His will identifies his wife as "Chloe", but that he was previously married. Frederick and Chloe had numerous children, as evidenced by both his will and Chloe's, as well as court records related to his estate.

He initially settled in Castle's Woods near Mill Creek where acquired the property and mill of John Lynch. Later he purchased from John Snoddy the lands once owned by William and James Moore, and on which Moore's Fort was located. The mill property was subsequently sold to Henry Hamlin, who in turn sold it to Charles Bickley, by whose name it would be commonly known. Two descriptions of Frederick's home from this period survive, as recorded by Hamilton:

The late Mr. S. A. Fraley of Abingdon, great-great-grandson of Frederick, in an undated letter (which was written sometime in the 1930s) to the late James Taylor Adams, says, "The house that Frederick Fraley built was made of oak logs, sawed square and fitted tightly together. The corners dove-tailed and spiked together with iron spikes, which was said to have been carried on horseback from Lynchburg, VA. The floors, window frames and doors, and almost all the inside woodwork was of black walnut. There were port holes cut in the walls upstairs, on all four sides."
The late Mr. R. L. Gose, has this to say: "I do remember knowing and seeing the Indian Fort located at the Sally Meade place, willed to her for life by her late husband Charles Meade. I remember distinctly seeing the old building built of logs with port holes in the walls to shoot through. I am now 89 years of age. My next birthday the 2nd of August, 1954, I will be 90 years old."

The reference to "port holes in the walls to shoot through" clearly places it in the period of Indian Hostilities, and suggests that this was a fort house, similar to that of the surviving Kilgore's Fort House. However, it may also be that Fraley made use of existing construction of Moore's Fort, and that his home was actually one of the stockaded cabins built into the walls of the fort. [See Thwaites description of Fort Dobbs.

Personal Data

Personal Data
DOD:"The testator lived afterward until December in the year 1792 when he died away from home in the state of North Carolina" See: MySource:Bill of Compaint, Fraley vs Fraley and Smith
Spouse:Chloe* His will indicates that he was previously married.


Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
Ruth Fraley Bef. 1758. ____Price * Will indicates she was by his first wife. Court case identifies her married name as "Price"
James Fraley Abt. 1759 Rowan County, NC Bet. 1834 - 1840 Lawrence County Kentucky. Elizabeth Osborn c1779 *
Catrin Fraley Abt. 1760 Rowan County, NC Edward Stapleton ** * Court case gives given name as "Catharine"
Martin Friley Abt. 1761 Rowan County, NC February 08 1825 Henderson County Kentucky. Prudence * to KY
William Fraley Abt. 1764 Rowan County, NC July 07 1847 Castle's Woods Russell County Virginia. Nancy Smith c1795 *
Caleb Fraley Abt. 1762 Rowan County NC 1828 Mississippi (1) Elizabeth Wharton (2) Elizabeth Puckett * to MS
John Fraley Abt. 1763 Rowan County, NC Bet. 1820 - 1823 Sumner County Tennessee. * To TN
Nancy "Nellie" Fraley Abt. 1766 Rowan County, NC July 10 1840 Russell County Virginia. William Tabor ** c1785 *
Sarah Fraley, Abt. 1775 Fincastle County, VA Abt. 1840 Castle's Woods Russell County Virginia. Henry Donohoe (** gives last name only, as Donohoe) *
Jesse Fraley Abt. 1776 June 1801 Washington County, VA Mary English c1796 *
Isaac Oliver Fraley March 25 1778 Washington County, VA Abt. 1874 Newcombe, Lawrence County, Kentucky Catherine Shoemaker 1804 * Identified as one of two youngest sons in 1782 will
Frederick Fraley Abt. 1780 Washington County, VA Abt. 1845 Morgan County, Kentucky Near West Liberty. mary Gilliam * Identified as one of two youngest sons in 1782 will
Chloe Fraley Abt. 1781 Washington County, VA Jessee Womack, Jr. ** *
Reuben Fraley Abt. 1783 Washington County, VA Bet. 1823 - 1840 Floyd County, Kentucky ** Identified as one of two of the eldest sons born after Fredericks will was written. To KY
Henry Fraley Abt. 1784 Washington County, VA April 1837 Castle's Woods, Russell County, VA 1) Hannah Russell 2) Mary Flannery ** Identified as one of two of the eldest sons born after Fredericks will was written.
Benjamin Franklin Fraley July 07 1788 Washington County, VA April 19 1850 Estill County. Kentucky Darah Leigh Maloney 1812 KY ** To KY
Daniel Boone Fraley Abt. 1790 Russell County. VA September 05 1850 Floyd County Kentucky. Mary "Polly" Hatfield 3 January 1811 Johns Creek, Floyd County, KY ** To KY
Thomas Fraley not identified in court case or in will.
Joseph Fraley Washington County, VA Abt. May 29 1823 Castle's Woods Russell County Virginia. DOB sometimes given as c 1776, but not mentioned in 1782 will, or the later court case

*Identified in Fredericks will


From his will and subsequent court cases over his estate, indicate that Frederick had 13 sons, though only 12 of them are identified by name. Of the 12 sons who can be identified, three (William, Jessee and Henry),remained in Virginia. One (caleb) moved to Mississippi, dying there in 1828. One (John) moved to Sumner County TN. The remainder (James, Martin, Isaac, Frederick, Benjamin, and Daniel) moved to Kentucky.

The dispersion of Fredericks daughters has not been examined closely enough to comment upon.


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  2. In early records his surname is also spelled Friley, Frayley, and even Froley. These variants are identified by family researchers as anglicizations of the German "Froelich".


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