Person:Francis Forsey (2)

Francis Forsey
m. 14 May 1758
  1. Elizabeth Forsey1760 -
  2. James Forsey1763 -
  3. Francis Forsey1766 -
  4. Anna Forsey1769 -
  5. James Forsey1772 -
  6. Mary Forsey1775 - 1841
  7. Sarah Forsey1780 -
m. 6 Nov 1788
  1. Elizabeth Forsey1793 - 1874
  2. Sarah Forsey1797 - 1853
  3. Francis Forsey1803 - 1885
  4. Mary Ann Forsey1810 - 1872
  5. Susan Forsey1815 - 1890
m. 22 May 1823
  1. Samuel Forsey1824 - 1878
Facts and Events
Name Francis Forsey
Gender Male
Christening[1] 1 Sep 1766 Winsham, Somerset, England
Marriage 6 Nov 1788 Winsham, Somerset, Englandto Sarah Hawkins
Marriage 22 May 1823 Winsham, Somerset, Englandto Elizabeth Pye

Francis Forsey was baptised on 1st September 1766 at Winsham in Somerset, son of Ann Forsey, formerly Sibley, and her husband James Forsey.

Francis's next sighting is in 1788 when he married Sarah Hawkins at Winsham. They had at least five children together. Some of the children's baptisms describe Francis as a labourer. Sarah died in 1821, aged 51. Francis married again two years later, with his second wife being Elizabeth (known as Betty) Pye. They had a son, Samuel, in 1824.

Francis has yet to be traced after this time. Betty and Samuel appear together in the 1841 census in Winsham. One possibility is that Francis may have died around 1829-1831 (when he would have been in his mid 60s), as there are known deficiencies in the Winsham parish registers at that time due to the illness of the vicar.

  1. Church of England. Parish Church of Winsham. Winsham Parish registers, 1559-1944. (Taunton: Somerset Heritage Service).

    Baptis[e]d in the year 1766 / Francis Son of James & Ann Forsey Sep[tembe]r the 1

    Whilst no named connection has been found to link the adult Francis Forsey who married Sarah Hawkins to this baptism, it is considered that it probably is the same person, on the basis that the baptism is at a plausible time and in the same parish in which all his confirmed sightings as an adult are found, and descendants of Francis have DNA matches with descendants of Mary Forsey (1775-1841) who was sister of the Francis baptised in 1766.

  2.   One possible explanation for why no burial of Francis has been found may be a deficiency in the Winsham burial register. A note after a burial dated 1 Mar 1832 says:
    "During the illness of the Rev[eren]d F.J.H. Festing, the late Vicar, the Parish Registers have not been attended to. The names of the different parties in this, & the Baptismal Register, have now been inserted, as accurately as information could be procur[e]d, respecting them. Winsham April 1832. Geo[rge] Ware, Vicar."
    Francis Joseph Horatio Festing had been buried 14 Jul 1831. Festing had not been listed as the officiating minister at a burial since February 1829.