Person:Forest Goudelock (1)

Forest Brown "Goldie" Goudelock
m. abt 1910
  1. Forest Brown "Goldie" Goudelock1913 - 1978
  2. Buren Edward Goudelock1921 - 2006
  • HForest Brown "Goldie" Goudelock1913 - 1978
  • WEva Gillespie1915 - 2008
m. 19 Feb 1939
  1. William Roger Goudelock1948 - 1968
Facts and Events
Name Forest Brown "Goldie" Goudelock
Gender Male
Birth? 21 Aug 1913 Six Mile, Pickens, South Carolina, United States
Marriage 19 Feb 1939 to Eva Gillespie
Death? 4 Jan 1978 Yuba City, Sutter, California, United States
Burial? Meridian, Sutter, California, United StatesMeridian Cemetery
  1.   Patrick Hogue (Samples). The Samples / Semples Family, 1999.

    From: Megan Hogue November 28, 2007
    My mother's maiden name is Goudelock, and with what geneology my dad has done on her family, and where her family came from, we are descended from the Goudelocks that lived (and still live I guess) in the Carolinas. I've been doing some research on the family for my linguistics class and have stumbled upon this message board. I was just wondering what exactly the name "Goudelock" means. I've been told by several people that it means "Guardian/Keeper of the Loch/Lake," but I'm not sure if that is correct. I'm also interested to know if anyone knows for sure exactly where in Scotland the Goudelock's came from.

    With my father's geneology research, he has figured out that my mother and I are descended from ADAM GOUDELOCK who died in 1793 in SC, and through the family line we are directly descended from the 4th Generation. I believe that BROWN NUCKELESS GOUDELOCK, born 1888 in Pickens Co., SC; died in 1958, was my mother's great-grandfather and that his son FORREST was my mother's grandfather. I know my uncle BUREN GOUDELOCK just recently passed away last year (2006), but as for that, I really don't know much else.

    I'm not excessively close to my mother's family and my mom doesn't really talk much about her family history, hence why I'm so in the dark about everything. Plus, I'm really terrible at reading the family tree because I don't really understand what all of the numbers and stuff means. But my mom's grandma is named EVA G. GOUDELOCK and my mother's father is Karol Goudelock.

    Anywho, here is the link that my father has on his website to a Goudelock family tree website: My mother's name is listed under #24 as only saying that "Kara Goudelock Hogue is descended from this line". If anyone could lend a helping hand on what the family name means and where in Scotland we came from, I would greatly appreciate it. Please Email Megan Hogue <>

  2.   Forest B. "Goldie" Goudelock, in Find A Grave.