Person:Ethelred the Unready (1)

Æthelred II "the Unready" , de Wessex
b.abt 968
d.23 Apr 1016 London, England
Facts and Events
Name Æthelred II "the Unready" , de Wessex
Gender Male
Birth[1][17][18] abt 968 House of Wessex
Occupation? from 0978 to 1016 EnglandKing of England
Reference Number? Q183499?
Marriage abt 980 to 985 to Ælfgifu , of York
Alt Marriage 991 to Ælfgifu , of York
Marriage 5 Apr 1002 Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, Hampshire, Englandto Emma of Normandy
Death[1][17][19][20] 23 Apr 1016 London, England
Burial[17][21] St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England

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Æthelred the Unready, or Æthelred II (c. 968 – 23 April 1016), was King of the English (978–1013 and 1014–1016). He was the son of King Edgar and Queen Ælfthryth and was only about ten years old (no more than thirteen) when his half-brother Edward was murdered. Æthelred was not personally suspected of participation, but as the murder was committed at Corfe Castle by the attendants of Ælfthryth, it made it more difficult for the new king to rally the nation against the military raids by Danes, especially as the legend of St Edward the Martyr grew.

From 991 onwards, Æthelred paid tribute, or Danegeld, to the Danish king. In 1002, Æthelred ordered a massacre of Danish settlers. In 1003, King Sweyn invaded England, and in 1013, Æthelred fled to Normandy and was replaced by Sweyn, who was also King of Denmark. Æthelred returned as king, however, after Sweyn died in 1014.

"Unready" is a mistranslation of Old English unræd (meaning bad-counsel)—a twist on his name "Æthelred", meaning noble-counsel. A better translation would be ill-advised.

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