Person:Emma Hamilton (6)

Emma Jane Hamilton
b.20 Jan 1854 Waterloo, NY
d.11 Feb 1919 Spring Valley, NY
m. 1849
  1. Melissa Hamilton1850 - 1929
  2. Ezra HamiltonAbt 1853 - 1898
  3. Emma Jane Hamilton1854 - 1919
  4. George Hamilton, Jr,1856 -
  5. Walter Hamilton1858 - 1912
  6. Edwin Lorenzo Hamilton1863 - 1944
  7. Leroy Hamilton1871 -
m. Abt 1872
  1. Elmer F. Radney1873 - 1874
  2. Edna Arvilla Radney1876 - 1952
  3. Earl R. Radney1885 - 1886
  4. Ralph Radney1888 - 1929
  5. Grace Agnes Radney1890 - 1991
  6. Reuben Hamilton Radney1893 - 1919
  7. _____ Radney, female infant
Facts and Events
Name Emma Jane Hamilton
Alt Name Emma Hamilton
Gender Female
Birth? 20 Jan 1854 Waterloo, NY
Alt Birth[1] Mar 1854 , , New York
Marriage Abt 1872 to Reuben Irvin Radney
Death? 11 Feb 1919 Spring Valley, NY

1880 U.S. CENSUS

In the 1880 U.S. Census, Emma Radney, age 26, is a boarder living with Schyler and Hattie Hilts in Moravia, New York. The census lists her as being married, but, her husband is not listed here. The census also states she and her mother were born in New York, but it doesnt list a birthplace for her father. Living with her is her daughter Edna, age 3.

Source: 1880 U.S. Census, New York State, Cayuga County, Town of Moravia, National Archives Roll 814, Enumeration District 30, Sheet 4, Page 193, lines 37-38, dated June 3, 1880. .

1900 U.S. CENSUS

In the 1900 U.S. Census, Emma Radney is listed with her husband as follows:

In the 1900 U.S. Census, Reuben I. Radney, age 44, born Aug 1856, is living in a house he rents in Spring Valley with his wife Emma J. Radney, age 46, born Mar 1854. They have been married for 28 years. Living with them are their children: son, Ralph, age 11, born Oct 1889; daughter Grace A., age 8, born Sept 1891; and son Reuben H., age 6, born Aug 1894. (Family bible states Ralph was born Oct 1888, Grace A. in Sept 1890 and Reuben H. in Aug 1893. So, while it states Reuben I. was born Aug 1856, I would think its more likely Aug 1855.) The census states they were all born in New York as were their parents. Next to Emma's name it states she has had 6 children and only 4 of them are currently living. Reuben is a Well Driller., and has been unemployed for 6 of the last 12 months. All three children attended school 9 of the last 12 months. All of them can read and write, and can speak English. All are white.

Source: 1900 U.S. Census, New York State, Rockland County, Town of Ramapo, Village of Spring Valley, National Archives Roll T623_ 1155, Enumeration District 73, Sheet 13 B, Line 100 - Sheet 14 A, Line 4, dated June 12, 1900.

In 1905 Emma is listed ast Head of household, age 51, occupation "Boarding Home Keeper" at 5 Owasco (hard to read) Street, Auburn, NY.

1910 U.S. CENSUS

In the 1910 U.S. Census, Emma Radney is living with her son Ralph as follows:

In the 1910 U.S. Census Ralph is listed as Irwin R. Radney. He's listed as the Head of the household, male, age 21, in a house he rents on Myrlte Ave in Spring Valley, Town of Ramapo, Rockland County, New York. Living with him is his wife Ethel M., female, age 21; mother Emma J., female, widow, age 56; and sister, Grace A. female, single, age 19. Irwin (Ralph) and Ethel have been married 0 years and have had 0 children. Emma has had 7 children, 4 of whom are still living. All were born in New York. Ethel's father was born in Ohio, all other parents were born in New York. All are white. Irwin (Ralph) is a telegraph operator at R.R.Co. and Grace is a Picker at a Silk Mill. Both are working for wages. Neither Ethel or Emma are working. All can read and write and all speak English.

Ralph's sister Edna Wallace and her family is on page 8A of the same census record.

Source: 1910 U.S. Census; New York State, Rockland County, Town of Ramapo, Spring Valley, National Archives Roll T624_953; Page 7A; Enumeration District 121; Image 492; dated 4/15/1910.


1890 Auburn City Directory

Radney, Mrs. Emma J., (Radney & Erkenbreck), res 7 Owasco Radney, Reuben I., boltmaker, h 7 Owasco

(also listed)

Erkenbreck, Nellie M., (Radney & Erkenbreck), bds 7 Owasco Hamilton, Edward E., coll clerk D M & O Co., h Owasco road n limits Hamilton, Ezra E., sup't mail carriers, P O, h 9 McMaster Hamilton, George J., shoemaker, h over 38 E Genesee Hamilton, Miles E., machinist, h 111 Owasco Hamilton, Sarah, widow George, bds 52 Holley

Source: The Auburn Directory for the Year Ending July, 1891. Vol XIV. Compiled, Arranged and Published by Alonzo P. Lamey.

Letter to Mrs. R. I. Radney, Spring Valley, NY, PO Box 358, from Reuben Radney, Midvale, NJ

Midvale, N.J. June 2nd, 1904 My Dear little Wife I received your kind and loving letter last night Was well pleased to hear your back was getting better. Well we worked 12 hours today That is $2.42 We loaded 48 cars and done a good deal of repairing Crabb is very good to me says I am the only man that ever could keep the boiler hot for him He sett the pop at 1.15 lbs and I carry 100 lbs steam All the while he braggs me up to all the officials Pindle Roach Mcguire and every one telling them I am the best fire man that ever was on the shovel. Now Emma there will be no way for me to get away to come home for we will have to work every Sunday but it is a fine job and I like it very well Crabb is learning me to run the machine and Billy Fields is learning me to crane it. Now I will send you the receipt for the white linement and if Mr. Mettag sends you ten Dollars you can right it off and send it to him but dont you send it untill you get the money from him I will write him to that affect Well it is late and I am quite tired so I will close by bidding you goodnight Hoping to hear from you very soon I am as ever your true and loving husband R.I.R. of the fireman No the watchmans name I mean is Wm Captain a main line man but his is no good for he is so lazy he dont have steam up so I have to get to work at _ o'clock so as to be ready to start at 4 o'clock I dont think Crabb will keep him long if he dont do better Well hear is a kiss for you and the little ones at home, good night with lots of love to you and the children Direct to Midvale, NY Passaic Co. R. I. Radney Fireman of Steam Shovel Midvale Passaic Co., NJ Write soon Write Soon Write soon Good Bye Goodnight

Don't show this recept to any one only them I tell you to Receipt for white liniment 1 Pint Terpentine 1 quart cider vinegar 2 eggs 1 oz sugar of lead



Relatives of the Hamilton family to the number of about 40 took the 7:59am train for a family reunion at the home of A. B. Radney at Sennett yesterday.

On reaching their destination hot Coney Islands were served an an elaborate dinner was enjoyed at noon under the shade of the old apple trees. The afternoon was spent in games in which all joined. Supper was had and the party returned on the 9:28pm train all declaring that it was a most enjoyable time.

Among those present were: A. R. Hamilton and family, Mrs. Ellen S. Church of Sandusky, O. C. N. Radney and family, Mrs. Charles Prince, Mrs Emma Radney and family. A. J. Brown and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Brown of Utica, George Wallace and family of Haverstraw, O., B. I. Combs and family, Mrs. I. W. Combs, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Radney and W. H. Radney.

Source: The Auburn Citizen, Saturday, July 28, 1906

Social and Personal

Mrs. R. E. Radney and daughter Edna have returned from a visit with friends and relatives in Newark, NJ

Source: Auburn Semi-Weekly Journal, Tuesday, March 25, 1913

Letter to Mrs. Emma Radney, Spring Valley, Rockland Co, NY (Box 65) dated Jan 10th 1919 from R. H. Radney (St. Francis' Hospital) Jersey City

Dearest Mother:-- Am not feeling very well this morning but I want you to get this by Sunday so that the week wont go by without you getting a letter. Ralph was over to see me yesterday morning and Grace was over in the afternoon. She certainly is the best sister going and I would never be able to stand it here if it were not for her. She keeps me supplied with everything. I am awful sorry that your legs tire out so. Don't you think mother it would be better for you to stay in bed. We have two men here in the same condition and as long as they stay in bed they are alright but as soon as they start to walk around their legs swell up again & they have to be tapped to get the water out. Ralph says he will be up to see you Sunday so you will have lots of company. How is everybody. Is Georgie home yet. Have you seen the baby lately. Well my arm is getting tired so will close for now. Answer soon and I hope you feel better. Lots of love from Your loving son, Ruby Ward M-2

Emma died at the home of her daughter Edna Radney Wallace, three days after the death of her 26-year-old son Reuben Jr. She had been ill with Brights Disease (kidney disease). Her funeral was combined with that of her son, and they were buried in Nanuet Cemetery, Rockland County, New York.


Mrs. Emma J. Radney, for many years a resident of Spring Valley, died at the home of her daughter Mrs. George W. Wallace, Lawrence Street, Monday night (early Tuesday morning), aged 65 years. She had been ill of Brights disease for a long time and for more than a month her condition had been serious and she failed gradually until the end came.

Mrs. Radney was born in Waterloo, N.Y. and came to Spring Valley more than twenty-five years ago. She leaves two daughters, Mrs. George W. Wallace and Miss Grace Radney, and one son Ralph E. Radney of Mount Vernon. She also leaves one brother, living in Cleveland, Ohio (Edwin Lorenzo Hamilton), and a sister who lives in Rochester (Anna Melissa Hamilton Prince).

Reuben H. Radney, a son of Mrs. Emma J. Radney, mentioned above, died at St Francis Hospital, Jersey City, last Friday morning, in his 26th year. He had been ill for four years of diabetes and unable to do any work for two years past. For the last two months he has been confined to the hospital.

He was born in Spring Valley and spent the greater part of his life here. He leaves a wife, who was Mary Reinhardt of Spring Valley, and a little girl, four years old. Also the sisters and brothers mentioned above.

The funeral services for both Mrs. Radney and her son were held at the Wallace home Wednesday afternoon with Rev. John Bovenizer officiating and burial was in Nanuet Cemetery.

Source: The ROCKLAND COUNTY LEADER, Feb 13, 1919

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In 1978 Emma had a daughter Grace Hoatland (?sp) living accornding to Lulu Rositer.

1900 US Census She had 4 of her 6 children living. Husband Reuben Radney born Aug 1856. a well-driller. Son Ralph born Oct 1889 daughter Grace A. born Sep 1891. son Reuben H. born Aug 1894

living in Ramapo Town, Rockland, New York.

  1. 1900 US Census.